Wengie’s Period Hack

Wengie’s Period Hack

Just about every girl on the planet dreads that time of the month. A period is more than just a monthly cycle. It throws a wrench in every girls daily activities. That time of the month also ushers in cramps, pain, bloating, and moodiness. What’s a girl to do? Well, Wengie, a top beauty blogger and YouTuber, has a few very clever hacks for that time of the month. Wengie’s period hacks are a welcomed treat for any girl that suffers with the usual period symptoms that hit out of the blue.

Wengie’s 10 Period Hacks
One of my favorite Wengie period hacks is the first one that shows a very clever way to make a microwave pouch. The pouch is heated in the microwave. Next, remove the heated pouch and place on painful areas. Generally, this is around the abdomen and sides. I can’t wait to try this hack out. I wonder how long the pouch stays warm? Wengie also includes several other great period hacks. She also shares information about the right nutritional foods to consume to feel healthier at that time of the month and help to reduce symptoms.

About Wengie
Wengie is Chinese, but she grew up in Australia. Wengie is also the creator of the top Asian beauty channel on YouTube in Australia. Currently, Wengie’s YouTube channel has over two million subscribers. This is really a super amazing accomplishment for someone that still thinks of herself as just an ordinary girl that is obsessed with beauty, fashion, and makeup. On her channel you will discover plenty of beauty tips, DIY, hacks, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, beauty routines, diet tips, fitness tips, and much more. Wengie adds new content on a regular bases. Check out her channel on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel for more fun hacks.

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