Susan McGalla and Her Strategic Planning Skills

Susan McGalla and Her Strategic Planning Skills

Susan McGalla has been able to land a position that would make her father proud. Her father was a local football coach, and McGalla is now the vice president of business strategy and creative development. She has been able to help this franchise become a greater presence with apparel because Susan has revamped the clothing line.


Susan McGalla was born in Ohio and her alma mater is Mount Union College. Long before she became the vice president of business strategies she was building a career in marketing as consultant. She was the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and at one time she was the CEO of Wet Seal. She spent a considerable amount of time at American Eagle Outfitters before she became the CEO for this company as well. She has had a very lengthy career, and it all began with Joseph Horne Company. She was working in various managerial positions for years as she grew her name in the marketing industry.


McGalla has managed to build a solid career in retail and marketing. She has been able to help a lot of people in the business world that are trying to move up in the industry. Susan has skills in branding, product merchandising and she tells others how to make it in the corporate world. Susan knows how to target a certain customer base, and she knows how to expand portfolios for the companies that she works for. Strategic planning is very important in the business world, and Susan has been at the core of planning for so many different organizations.


Retail clothing is changing in so many ways. There are a lot of people that need the advice that Susan McGalla is giving. There is no doubt that she has a major influence in building bountiful competitive strategies.

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