Lime Crime Cosmetics Founder Labeled As Top Female Entrepreneur

Lime Crime Cosmetics Founder Labeled As Top Female Entrepreneur

According to an August 15th, 2015 interview between and Lime Crime creator Doe Deere, her unique position as an acclaimed female entrepreneur is one she absolutely adores! Doe was featured on the cover of Self-Made magazine and pinpointed as an female icon for creating her lush brand of bright and quirky cosmetics. She tells how her journey with makeup began with her barely knowing how to properly use color or products. She experimented with glue on jewels, played with glitter and had intense desire to keep creating. Doe describes a practical overnight explosion of young ladies online who were itching to see what she would come up with next.

Actively managing her brand is her priority. Doe has had her hand in all product development since Lime Crime first opened as a small shop on eBay in 2004. The brand is 100% cruelty free and features intense, almost magical colors. Doe describes how she calls her fans “unicorns” on Tumblr, because they were born different,brave and colorful, just like the mythical animals. She tells how she loves the way her internet based company allows her to instantly connect with her fans. Her unicorns are her inspiration behind everything she does.

Lime Crime was an overnight sensation which Doe says blew up without notice. She humorously notes that she randomly picked the brand’s name as an online handle when she was starting out. She says she may have picked another name for the venture had she realized the scope of how large it would become. Today, Lime Crime stands for color revolution and not being afraid to break rules. She describes the name as being a blessing in disguise, which helps tremendously with being recognized by such search engine giants like Google.

Doe says she is always growing through her experiences and loves improving upon her brand. Makeup is just phase one. So much more is in store and will be reveled when the time is right. For now, Doe is basking in the glory of being pinpointed as one of today’s leading female entrepreneurs. Something which she calls “surreal”.  Buy the entire line on Amazon, or just look up pictures on Facebook, to see real people wearing Lime Crime.

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