Hope at Last for Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

Hope at Last for Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

Dr Gopal Shiva is practicing neurologist. He graduated from the medical school in the year 1979. He is associated with the Kennedy hospital. He has an extensive experience in the medical sector and a distinguished contributor to the American medical journal. Dr Vasishta is board accredited and a practitioner at the Neurodiagnostic Associate located in Voorhees Township.


Dr Gopal is helping the patients using the latest medical techniques. Multiple sclerosis mostly attacks the brain functionalities. Dr Shiva is a specialist in brain disease hence his pivotal role the treatment of MS disease.


Multiple sclerosis is a crippling disease which attacks the flow of information to the brain by attacking the central nervous system. Multiple sclerosis has no prior signs. Its causes are still unclear though there are theories which suggest that environmental factor to an individual who is genetically prone might cause this disease.


However, for the last five years, there has been an ongoing investigation by a team of experts through a trial called HALT-MS. There is a breakthrough in the research! Substantial evidence has shown that a high dose of immunosuppressive treatment followed by a stem cell transplant can impact remission of the relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.


Patient trials for the last five years have shown a great prospect that this therapy will have a positive outcome in the diminution relapsing-remitting MS. among the patients who were treated using this therapy, the relapsing-remitting MS has terminated. So far after the treatment, no symptoms have been reported.


The patients, who took part in the trial therapy, have not taken their medication besides the immunosuppressive therapy. Research has shown that these medications have a slight chance of having an impact on multiple sclerosis disease. A report of findings published in the American Academy journal has concluded that a one-time dose of immunosuppressive treatment has more impact than the medication used by MS patients for a long time.

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