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The Purity of Waiakea Water

The Purity of Waiakea Water

Waiakea is a brand that consumers have started buzzing about. They want to know more about this healthy volcano water from Hawaii that has started to get a lot of buzz online. This is the latest trend in healthy water. It’s the first type that comes from Hawaii. PR News Wire said that this Waiakea spring water may be one of the hottest trends for people that want a unique blend of mineral water that is unlike anything else.

An article from Specialty Food has it that Waiakea water is filtered through volcanic lava rocks. This gives it an edge on all the other water that is out there. The volcanic filtration is something that many people have never heard of before. It is a brand that has been around since 2012, but there are still some people in other states outside of Hawaii that have never heard of it. On the west coast it is popular in places like California because this is so much closer to California than other states like Alabama or Georgia.

People can get access to this regardless of where they live because the Waiakea water can be ordered on the website. This is the type of brand that has managed to gain popularity because there are people on social media sites that are talking about it.

That is where companies like this can truly benefit from social media. All that it takes is a couple of people that are talking about this on Twitter. There have also been people that have posted pictures on social media. This is what gives people the ability to discover this brand even when it is not being sold in the city that they live in.

There is a unique bottle that is associated with this brand. The water is stored in 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles, and this is good for the environment. These naturally biodegradable bottles make it possible for people to drink healthy water and recycle the bottles when they are done.

According to Crunchbase and Forbes, what Waiakea water provides for customers is a light and smooth tasting water that is beneficial to people that want a crisp and clear taste. There ae so many brands on the market today, but all water does not taste the same. Waiakea is a shining example of that. This water is said to come from one of the purest environments on Earth. The purification through the Mauna Loa volcano lava rocks is what provides this purity.