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The Story of Cassio Audi

The Story of Cassio Audi

While investment is the backbone of every economy, it can be challenging for beginners. Even for the experts, investment requires a lot of analysis and dedication for an individual to grasp the basics. For most people, investment is a massive venture that involves the future. It is, therefore, vital for prospects to put their money in an investment that will yield profits. For successful investment tips and strategies, an investment adviser comes in handy. An astute investment advisor understands the stock exchange market and the right docket for a client to invest in. Such an investment advisor must offer a customer several available investment options. The choice of investment solely lies with the customer.




One investment advisor who has mastered the ropes of investment is Cassio Audi hailing from Brazil. The Brazilian investment advisor majors in specialized asset management like the real estate investment, securities, bonds, and shares. His primary concern is reaching a client’s investment goals to their maximum advantage. The investors are not only individuals but also corporations, charities, private sector companies, public utilities and educational centers. Investment takes place contracts and collective schemes like exchange trade and mutual funds. Cassio Audi prides himself in being the best service provider of investment advice in management services like asset collection, wealth amassing, stock selection, strategies implementation and financial statement analysis.




The roles of Cassio Audi revolve around monitoring the fluctuation of stock markets. In return, he can give concrete and wise advice concerning the future of investment. Having a proven track record of success, Cassio is reliable and prominent for his services. He manages a firm that offers diversified portfolio investment platforms for clients. The objectives of the company include providing differentiated securities for clients. He commits to providing customers with the best investment channels to yield maximum profits. Cassio Audi understands that the future of the clients lies with his skills and interpretation of stock market. That is why he is famous in Brazil

The Importance Of Understanding Cancer With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Importance Of Understanding Cancer With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

In order to truly be able to treat an issue, one has to understand it. However, the only way for one to actually understand an issue is to consult sources of information. While there are sources like AllScripts and NantHealth that have some good information on issues like cancer, one of the best places to go for in depth information on cancer is Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They not only have a ton of information, but they also have the passion to come up with new ways of treating cancer. Therefore, they can be expected to come up with very effective treatments for different forms of cancer and different stages of the treatment.

CTCA has shown itself to be willing and able to take on the disease of cancer that AllScripts and NantHealth have partnered with them. With cancer, one of the most important things to know is how to treat the issue in the most pain free way. They are also committed to helping the patient understand what the treatment. After all, it is important for the patient to understand the type of treatment that he is undergoing so that he will know why he needs to take certain other treatments.

CTCA is also one of the best facilities for cancer treatment because it cares about the patients. People put their whole heart into what they are doing so that they will be able to help their patients at any stage of the cancer disease. They have also found ways to make it more convenient for the patient because emergencies do not wait for a certain time. As a matter of fact, some of the worst emergencies happen at times when the least amount of support is expected to be available. CTCA offers features like coordinated care to patients for things to be better.

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Entrepreneur Chris Burch Eyes The Ongoing Fusion Of Tech and Fashion

Entrepreneur Chris Burch Eyes The Ongoing Fusion Of Tech and Fashion

Chris Burch has witnessed over his career the ever closer union between new technology and fashion. The combination of the two first started with boom boxes in the 1970’s that became prominent in media and fashion. By the 90’s it was the Walkman’s influence on culture turning into iPods influence in the 2000’s and now smartphones. As time goes on fashion developers incorporate more and more technology into their product offerings. These advances will lead to wearable technology that will protect, inform, and provide increased functionality in clothing of all types.

Some of the technology that Chris Burch envisions is scarves worn by bike riders that will blow up into an airbag in case of a crash. He also sees gloves for firefighters that will enhance their communication quickly and easily through simple hand gestures. He also sees advances in using recycled materials to create fashionable clothing such as inner tubes and recycled radiator copper. Another use of technology is to generate electricity using the movement of the wearer in order to power all of the devices they are carrying with them. As Burch has said, technology can not only help create beautiful new fashionable clothing but it can also make that clothing more functional and green as well.

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, based in New York City. His goal with the company is to create disruptive ideas in the world of fashion through investing in new ventures and brand development. He’s dedicated to not just providing customers with a product but with an experience as well. He is behind many brands including Cocoon9, Ed by Ellen, Poppin, Nihiwatu, and C. Wonder among others. In 2012 he became a billionaire, according to Forbes magazine.

Burch first became involved in the fashion industry while in college, when along with his brother founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel. Starting with just $20,000, they purchased sweaters for $10 and sold them for $15 on college campuses. They eventually started a factory and expanded beyond campuses and into retail stores around the United States. He has also founded other fashion companies such as Tory Burch.

In addition to his fashion empire, Burch has worked in the real estate field. In 2004 he and his partners built the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also purchased a home for $14 million in Southampton New York, renovated the home, and resold it months later for $25 million.