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Beyond The Darkness: A Spooky PodcastOne

Beyond The Darkness: A Spooky PodcastOne

The paranormal world spooks many, but the mystery and thrill it feeds the soul is an irresistible urge. Interestingly, PodcastOne is granting unrestricted access to the paranormal through its newly released online radio horror series, “Beyond The Darkness.” Last winter, American broadcasting industry tycoon, Norman Pattiz, announced its coming in an official PRNewswire copy by PodcastOne. With famed radio personalities, Tim Dennis and author Dave Schrader chronicling the events, “Beyond The Darkness” promises exciting new episodes, every Monday. It’ll challenge the common knowledge of angels, miracles, aliens, ghouls, demons, monsters, ghosts and mysterious realms as listeners journey through testimonies.

As the newest addition to the PodcastOne lineup, it joins The Jericho Network, a brand coined by WWE celebrity Chris Jericho. PodcastOne chairman and creator, Norman Pattiz, is optimistic about the diversity Chris has brought to the channel. He’s transformed a channel which focused heavily on wrestling. It’s adapted comedians and with “Beyond The Darkness,” it’s giving subscribers a taste of the paranormal reality. Certainly, they’re looking to capitalize on this project, as the network develops its already growing following.

Norman (Norm) Pattiz launched America’s largest multifaceted broadcasting network, Westwood One in 1976. It’s home to leading networks such as CBS News, CNN, and NBC radio, etc. Westwood One underwent restructuring in 2011 but still remains a powerful radio broadcasting partner today. Norm serves the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations committee. Additionally, UC (University of California) appointed him as a regent, and he chairs the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. His career in radio syndication spans over 40 years.

In 2000 and 2002, former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush commissioned to join the U.S. Broadcasting Board. During this time, Mr. Pattiz masterminded and launched a network focused on Arabic broadcasting. Initially, it served some 22 Middle Eastern countries. Later, Faris translation was added to support its Iranian audience. Forbes magazine featured Mr. Pattiz’s extraordinary works last May as part of its “2016 Global Change Makers” catalog. The Library of American Broadcasting also presented him with Giants Broadcasting Award in 2009. That same year, he joined distinguished celebrities etched on the National Radio “Hall of Fame” roster.

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