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Common orthopedic surgeries carried out by Greg Flinch

Common orthopedic surgeries carried out by Greg Flinch

Orthopedic surgery is a procedure that involves the treatment of skeleton and muscles in the human body. The treatment will depend on your situations and what works best for you. Below are the three most common orthopedic surgery carried by Greg Finch:

Joint replacement

Patients that may need a joint replacement are those that have cases of arthritis and they need the joints to be replaced to relieve pain and improve joint mobility. The surgeon will extract the affected joint that can be on any part of the body and replace it with an implant made of plastic or metal. With the replaced joint, the patient will be able to move and function normally.

Spine surgery

Spine problems are so common with the common one being persistent back pain that may affect someone’s day to day operations. The increased pain does not only affect someone’s daily activities but also affects productivity. Spine surgery will decrease the pain by joining the spiral bone together and reducing excessive restriction of the spine motion.

Shoulder joint replacement

The shoulder joint replacement is among the most common orthopedic surgeries. If you are suffering from unnecessary shoulder pain and you’ve had several injuries to the shoulder, then shoulder joint replacement might be the only solution. What happens, just like joint replacement procedure, is that the surgeon will replace the shoulder joint with an implant made of metal or plastic.

Above are some of the orthopedic surgeries that surgeon Greg Flinch is an expert in. He has been trained in all aspects that are pertaining to the spinal surgery to handle any situation that a patient may have. He attained his education at the University of Auckland, where Greg gained the FRACS. After his studies, he worked with world leaders that are involved in the spine surgery around US, UK, and Germany for a period of two years.

Greg flinch is highly passionate about his job and that’s why he ensures that all patients receive the care that they deserve. He is also a member of groups that highly educate the surgeons on a daily basis like the Spine Society of Australia and North American Spine Society. He is currently working at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.