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Kabbalah Center; a Religious Organization that is keen on uniting People across the World

Kabbalah Center; a Religious Organization that is keen on uniting People across the World

The Kabbalah Center could be categorized as a religious organization that is not profit-conscious. The organization’s initial establishment can be traced back to Jerusalem where Rav Yehuda Ashlag commenced the development of Kabbalistic teachings in 1922.

The organization’s founders designed its teachings to further the primary objective of fostering and improving people’s lives by instilling select values in their societies. The organization also sought to promote peaceful coexistence among society members by providing a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering inclusive spiritual relations.

After establishing firm religious teachings, Rav Yehuda Ashlag was succeeded by Rav Yehuda Brandwein. After Rav Yehuda Brandwein’s term expired, the responsibilities of heading the Kabbalah Center were assumed by the current spiritual director, Rav Phillip Berg who runs the center’s affairs with help from his wife and sons.

Kabbalah Center is known for propagating teachings that draw wisdom from the Zohar as well as other Kabbalistic teachings. The center runs various religious courses through numerous channels. Most of the teachings are currently available via CDs, books, online materials, lectures, and DVDs. The center’s teachers are drawn from all ethnic groups and are chosen based on their ability to guide students from all over the world. Click Here for more.

Most of the Kabbalistic teachings supplement the teachings from Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. As a result, some of Kabbalah’s teachings are based on religious books such as the Bible. The teachings also utilize astrological wisdom and use astrology to explain different aspects of life. For instance, Kabbalistic teachings believe that cosmic forces are responsible for controlling different aspects of life on earth.

The teachings also emphasize that the creator manifests in every person giving him or her a spark that unites all human beings. Subsequently, it is imperative for every person to treat other people in a dignifying manner since it is not possible to have access to the infinite source of goodness while allowing the suffering of others people. In the same teachings, people are encouraged to help others because volunteering to help forms the greatest source of goodness and fulfillment.

The current headquarters of Kabbalah Center are located in Los Angeles. Its other offices are located in cities in Europe, Asia, South America, and Middle East. for more.

A Look at the Reasons why Many Celebrities in Hollywood have Joined the Kabbalah Centre

A Look at the Reasons why Many Celebrities in Hollywood have Joined the Kabbalah Centre

In recent years, the Kabbalah Center has continuously gained popularity globally. This scenario may be owed to the increased following or membership by non-Jewish Hollywood A-list individuals like Madonna. In fact, since she joined the organization, other numerous Hollywood stars have followed suit such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton among many others. As a result, the increased conversion into Judaism by such stars has raised eyebrows. Click Here for full article .

Claims by various celebrity students of the Kabbalah Centre such as Hilton have suggested that the organization has helped her cope with her life. In fact, she acknowledges the organization for helping her deal with her break up with Nick Carter. For Madonna, she joined the Kabbalah Centre in a bid to help other people. As such, she has been playing a huge role in spreading the Kabbalah message globally. Most of these claims suggest that different celebrities joined the Kabbalah Centre for varying personal reasons.

Kabbalah Centre in Brief

The Kabbalah Centre operates as a non-profit organization, which is located in Los Angeles, California. The organization offers courses on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar online. It also provides the courses through other media such as its city and regional-based centers, as well as study groups. Philip Berg and his wife, Karen, are acknowledged for developing the presentation of Kabbalah. Additionally, the center boasts of an international, multi-ethic staff of teachers, who provide Kabbalistic guidance and study to its student community globally. Visit Kabbalah Centre Resume .

Both Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein founded the Kabbalah Centre in the US in 1965 under the name The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Brandwein served as the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda based in Israel, which was established in 1922. After the death of Brandwein, Philip and his wife re-established the Kabbalah Centre in the US and more specifically in New York City. Furthermore, the organization takes part in philanthropy causes and has supported various organizations such as Sunrise Day Camp, American Red Cross, Partners in Health and Habitat for Humanity. for more .

Learning About the Kabbalah Centre and its Mission

Learning About the Kabbalah Centre and its Mission

To understand the mission of the Kabbalah Centre, one has to understand the basis of the Judaism school of thought known as Kabbalah itself.

Kabbalah Centre International is a non-profit organization based out of Los Angeles which delivers courses and expertise on mystical thought on the Zohar, a literature piece expousing and method of Kabbalah. While based in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre also has an Internet presence with online courses about the thought of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre has numerous of learning centers around the globe with national locations in New York, Miami, and Dallas as well as a few other sites. Globally, there are Kabbalah centers in such cities as Toronto, London, Berlin, Milan, Warsaw, and Moscow. Also, Kabbalah is prominent in South America where centers can be found in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Panama City, and national capitals such as Caracas, Venezuela, Santiago, Chile, and Lima, Peru.

In understanding the concept of Kabbalah, as some see it as an ancient secretive mystic art, many Jewish rabbis had previously believed that its mysteries were so complex that students of subject could only be taught about after they reached the age of 40. However, the Kabbalah Centre doesn’t follow that line of thinking and is more open to teaching Kabbalah.

Though associated with Hebrew and Jewish texts, the Kabbalah Centre doesn’t make understanding that religion a pre-requisite in studying Kabbalah which can be described as the study of the relationship between what is unchanging and infinite with finite and known world under God.

The thinking is that this religious interpretation seeks to define and understand the relationship between the universe and Man and why they exist. While some believe it predates other worldly religions, others believe it rose in the 12th century within parts of France and Spain. The Zohar is its foundational book which discusses the nature of God, how the universe came to be and its structure, and touches on such topics as redemption, ego, and understanding one’s true self.

Many celebrities have studied at the Kabbalah Centre, including musical icon Madonna.

Kabbalah Gives Celebrities Peace In Life

Kabbalah Gives Celebrities Peace In Life

Many famous Hollywood celebrities such as Paris Hilton, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, the late Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears have expressed a deep interest in Jewish mysticism. Madonna is so into Kabbalah that she has opened numerous Kabbalah center and given donations to scholars who study this ancient form of Judaism. This begs the question, why do so many non-Jewish celebrities embrace and convert to Judaism because of Kabbalah.

Many celebrities state that Kabbalah eliminates chaos and brings order to their lives. Paris Hilton says that after infamous break up with Nick Carter the community at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles helped her cope. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah eliminated 80 percent of the chaos in her life. The Kabbalah Centre website states that Kabbalah is an old wisdom that offers tools for lasting fulfilment and joy. However, not everyone joins Kabbalah for help with personal issues. The departed Sammy Davis stated that for him Kabbalah was about being part of a community with deep roots.

Madonna says that the main pillar of Kabbalah is that everyone is put on earth to help other people. Everyone’s job is to figure out how to help other people. Madonna is reverent Kabbalah adherent who wears the red Kabbalah string around her wrist to protect herself from evil spirits. The late Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism because of Kabbalah. She became a regular supporter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and she even offered herself in exchange for the 100 Israeli hostages held in Uganda in 1976.The late Rabbi Philip Berg who popularized Kabbalah stated that his aim was to make Kabbalah accessible to everyone. He accomplished this by simplifying Kabbalah, removing outdated restrictions and incorporating aspects of modern life that made it more relevant to people.


How the Kabbalah Center Has Been Instrumental in Conveying Kabbalistic Wisdom

How the Kabbalah Center Has Been Instrumental in Conveying Kabbalistic Wisdom

As a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah Center is more than a religious place of worship. The center is headed by multi-ethnic teachers who emancipate people on Kabbalistic teachings as well as the Zohar. Those who prefer browsing the Internet can also access the teachings online. The Kabbalah Center International has established regional and city-based study centers across the globe. Therefore, the Kabbalistic teachings are available to interested individuals irrespective of their geographical location.

Kabbalistic teachings are based on the mysteries of Kabbalah. In the past, Rabbis offered the teachings to male students mostly. Rabbis also ensured that students could only acquire the knowledge when they were past 40 years old. This mechanism received criticism from traditionalists and spiritual leaders. Most of them categorized Kabbalistic teachings under ancient Judaism.


The Kabbalah Centre International attributes its growth from Rav Yehuda and Rav Philip Berg. The institution was first founded as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. Yehuda’s birth name was Tzvi Brandwein while Berg’s birth name was Feivel Gruberger. Rav Yehuda headed the Yeshivah Kol Yehuda as the dean while in Israel. The Israel-based facility, founded in 1922, later gave birth to Kabbalah Centers that are currently distributed across the United States.

In 1984, the first Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center was built. Philip Berg enlisted the help of his wife, Karen Berg, and established a new Kabbalah Center within New York City. Since 1984, the LA-based Kabbalah Center has helped Kabbalah enthusiasts to understand the ancient wisdom. Karen and Michael succeeded Rav Philip Berg as the directors after he passed away. The facility currently operates under a non-profit license and has opened branches in Toronto and London.


The Kabbalistic teachings stand out from other knowledge sources due to its universal approach. The teachings are usually compared to popular religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. The Kabbalah Center was not established to replace any religion. They insist that the center acts as a source of universal wisdom. In the facility, students learn about the Kippot concept. According to this concept, Ein Sof is an unbounded God who connects with all life forms on earth.

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