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John Goullet serves as the chairperson as well as the principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. In 1994, he founded Info Technologies, Inc. where he served as the firm’s Chief Executive Leader. Initially, John Goullet was a Computer consultant before being promoted to IT staffing account executive. Mr. Goullet ensured that Info Technologies understood its clientele corporate climate and the IT staffing necessities. He then matched his consultants’ work style and the personality to satisfy the needs of their clients. Under his leadership, Info Technologies has grown into one of the fastest growing private firms in his nation.

His prior experience in the IT field made him obtain a great portfolio. Just like any other successful business person, John has a vision of attaining great things. At home, Goullet is an ordinary man. He starts his mornings with a work out at the gym. He later makes his way to the office where he leaves late in the evening.

John Goullet brings his ideas to light by just paying attention as well as reading what’s taking place in the labor market. In fact, according to Mr. Goullet, the nation is experiencing a shortage of IT experts since very few learners in the U.S. pursue IT courses in the colleges.

John Goullet is excited that technology is an ever growing GDP part due to the increasing technologists demand always. The future for Diversant seems quite bright due to the company’s competence of delivering the ideal candidates to their clients.

Goullet is an entrepreneur leading the development of various highly excellent fields in the IT industry. Before switching to IT staffing, he was a professional IT consultant. After working for some years as an IT consultant, he had gained enough experience in the sector; therefore, he founded the Info Technologies. The Info Technology focused on the provision of solutions to Fortune 500 national wide organizations. This company grew to $30 M in about three years. This particular growth record saw the company being ranked as position 8 on Inc. John and Gene, in 2010, merged DIVERSANT Inc. and the Info Technology forming DIVERSANT LLC. Mr. Goullet continued his passion in the development of new ways that solving the problems facing the IT industry.

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