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Chris Burch Stands out as a Leading Entrepreneur and Investor

Chris Burch Stands out as a Leading Entrepreneur and Investor

Christopher Burch is a noticeable figure in the business scene, with investments spread across many industries. His specific areas of interest include real estate, technology and fashion. For over four decades, Chris has been in the entrepreneurship front; he has managed to establish and grow very successfully ventures. Currently, he is at the helm of Burch Creative Capital as the founder and CEO. The company boasts of a diverse investment portfolio that features many brands that range from Jawbone- a producer of fitness trackers, speakers and Bluetooth handsets-, Trademark, E.D and poppin (a manufacture of office stationary).


Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia is also a leading brand in the hospitality industry that is owned by Burch Creative Capital. After founding and steering many companies into success, Chris Burch decided to turn his focus to the hospitality industry. In 2012, he teamed up with James McBride, a leading hotelier, and they acquired a beach hostel located in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Armed with their long-standing entrepreneurial experience coupled with the urge to succeed in the hotel business. The duo invested over $30 million to revamp the hostel into a five-star resort branded Nihiwatu.


In 2016, Nihiwatu won the Travel and Leisure title as the best hotel in the world. This top range hotel has 27 villas. Chris Burch’s private home is housed in the hotel’s villas. The home comprises of main house and four villas, each having a private plunge pool. Wall Street Journal terms Burch as a frequent traveler between Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia, Miami and the Hamptons.


In 2015, while being interviewed by Business Jet Traveler, Burch confirmed that he bought the hotel as a gift to his children and preserves it with an aim of passing it to the community in future.


The entrepreneurial journey of Chris can be traced back to 1976 while attending his undergraduate studies at Ithaca College. As budding entrepreneurs armed with capital of $2,000, Chris and his brother founded Eagle’s Eye apparel. The venture grew fast to become a big company worth over $165 million. After selling Eagle’s Eye to Swire Group, Mr. Burch invested in Internet Capital Group. Over the years, Chris continued to scale his entrepreneurial pursuits until he achieved the current status as one of the leading entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Burch supports various organizations generously including Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China, The Sumba Foundation and The China Association of Social Work.

Warren Buffett Hints At The Power Of Strategic Analysis Before Investing For Wealth Creation

Warren Buffett Hints At The Power Of Strategic Analysis Before Investing For Wealth Creation

Warren Buffet in an interview said that people need to be more careful while investing and should look at diversifying their investment portfolio rather than simply trusting funds. He said it is important for the people to do a thorough analysis of the market trends and find investment opportunities that continues to help them generate wealth. Warren also said that it is high time that people in the United States continue to save for their retirement.

He recently wagered $1 million saying that he can generate better returns by investing in S&P 500 passive income fund than by trusting the hedge funds for returns. Warren Buffett stated that there is no precise method one can speculate how to generate wealth and get better returns as the funds and passive income funds like S&P have shown great results over the years.

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Tim Armour is one of the top most financial executives and consultants in the United States and serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Capital Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the financial world. The company manages assets worth over $1.4 trillion and operates in many different regions apart from the United States, such as Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Tim Armour has done his graduation in Economics from the prestigious Middlebury College. He believes that it is essential for the companies to have a vision and follow a strategic planning to grow and expand. He has helped Capital Group to reach great heights of success over the years, and continue to guide the company to success.