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Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil

Jose Borghi is the CEO of the one of the top Advertising agencies, Mullen Lowe. He started his career in 1988 as a simple Talent writer. Due to his exemplary work and passion for his career, Mullen Lowe has risen through the ranks to be one of the top-ranked CEO in the Advertising Industry. In his first job at Standard Ogilvy, he left as Vice President of Creations. In 2002, he founded his advertising agency, BorghiErh. In 2006, his company and Lowe merged to form Borghi/Lowe Agency, which later changed to Mullen Lowe.

Some of his main career achievements include the creation of campaigns for companies such as, “Rever Concepts” for Fiat, “Carlinhos” for the Association of Down Syndrome and much more. His exceptional work in advertising has not gone unnoticed as he has won several awards. Some of the main awards include; 11 Awards at the One Show, 15 awards at the New York Festival, 12 Awards at Clios, “advertiser of the year” in the prominent Professional Highlight Communication. One of his main accomplishment is representing Brazil twice as a Jury.

Jose Borghi has become a motivation for many young people aspiring to develop in advertising. In interviews he issues, he is clear on the strategies that work to grow a company to get worldwide recognition. In an interview with, Joe pointed out the features necessary for the success of an advertising company. He noted that the entrepreneur has to be present in the organization; this means that a founder must understand the core business of his organization and be able to start at any level.

He also noted that this generation is fortunate to have more than one way in which they can advertise. With social media being a platform free advertising, most startup companies can grow at faster rates. Finally, he insisted that founders require a higher level of discipline to sustain their companies.

Through His career, Jose has ensured that he can stand out from other advertisements. He has allowed himself to grow with the times and gradually transform his experiences. With this, his experience has formed a solid foundation for his company. As a parting shot, Jose is keen to say that His career is just beginning, he is excited about the development and growth of advertising and the massive potential the industry has.

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