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Jose Borghi Fell in Love with Advertisement, Went for it and Made it His Lifetime Occupation

Jose Borghi Fell in Love with Advertisement, Went for it and Made it His Lifetime Occupation

A marketing graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PCUSP), Jose Henrique Borghi is among the most decorated advertisers in Brazil. José Henrique Borghi fell in love with advertising as a young man when, together with his sister, he attended an advertising event in one of the local theaters. Driven by passion and hard work, Jose was able to succeed in the Brazilian advertising industry where he is now a dominant force.

Jose’s Career Journey

After attaining his degree, Jose got his maiden job as an advertising agent for Ogilvy ad Academy in 1988. He later left the firm to work in different capacities for ad companies, such as Talent and DM9DDB. Jose’s breakthrough in the ad industry, however, came in 1999 when he became the chief creative officer of Leo Burnett. After serving diligently in this position, he earned a promotion to the CEO position, a position he held until he left the firm in 2002.

Upon leaving Leo Burnett, Jose teamed up with Ray Erh to establish an advertising agency that they named BorghiErh. The agency was later to merge with Lowe + Partners, with Jose becoming the chief creative officer. It is after Mullen Group acquired the agency in 2015 that Mullen Lowe Brazil was born. Since then, Jose has been serving as the CEO.

Jose Borghi Challenge to Advertising Agencies

In 2016, Brazil was hardest hit by a wave of economic crises characterized by unprecedented inflation rates and an all-time low GDP. Whenever the economy of a country sinks, one of the most affected areas is usually the advertising and marketing sector. Surprisingly, Jose Borghi pointed out that even in the middle of the crisis, R $10 billion worth of investments was made in the online ad platforms and digital mobile marketing. He praised this development, noting that with a vibrant marketing and advertising sector, the economy was bound to bounce back for there would be a consistent demand and supply of commodities. He challenged the veteran ad companies to also move with speed and invest in online marketing.

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Providing Better Capital at Equities First Holdings

Providing Better Capital at Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a commercial union that mostly deals in loaning solutions to various other business and venture capitalist. The company frequently deals with Stock-based solutions. The company ensures that their services are distributed in different parts of the world. Some of the places which their offices are are based include. HongKong, London, Singapore, Sydney and Perth.

Most of investors and corporate who are optimistic and have better plans have a huge chance of being given capitals by the Equities First Holding. The company has approximately done a lot of deals which is more than 1000 and created $1.4 billion from the time when they started the company. the company began in the year 2002 and the founder is Al Christy. He controlled 50 workers at the organization. Prospective people who require to begin investing and particularly those who don’t have capital to begin off their business, the organization provides them with the funds they want to start.

The stock-based lending that is being given by the organization have their amount fixed and moreover the loan that is being given has the capacity ratio which is on a great level. The clients of the company are being attended fully before anything else therefore their requirements are vital to the company. The customers are guaranteed of proper attendance and treatment on their inquest on the loans because the company only deals with stock-based loans. Stock- based loans and margins loans in many ways. The capital of margin loans is used to a certain requirement and their loan also rate in the ratio 10 to 50%, henceforth the capital which they provide have restraints.Stock-based loans are relatively different with the margin loans in many ways such as their interest is amid 3 to 4% and they do not have restraints no matter what. Hence those who are provided with the capital have the right of getting higher particularly when there is low stock cost. The lending to value ration of stock-based is from 50 to 75%. The company is devoted to assisting customers to attain their goals.

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Changing the Landscape of Financial Institutions

Changing the Landscape of Financial Institutions

Specializing in unusual loans that are regularly either overlooked or not served by conventional loan vendors, Equities First Holdings sees a mighty growth. Equities First Holdings loan out money for professional and personal purposes to individuals and entities which are backed by publicly traded stocks, shares and equities.With an active presence in nine countries, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. Its wholly owned subsidiaries are located in Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Australia under the names Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd respectively. They are set to make their mark across the globe and are expecting a vast growth in Europe and South Pacific Asia.

The demand for unconventional loans is always high combined with cumbersome and unviable loaning criteria set by banks and conventional financing institutions; Equities First took advantage of this by offering loans on easy terms and feasible interest rates. The loan to value ratio varies between fifty to seventy percent whereas this value for conventional banks ranges between ten to twenty percent.

The company loans out money for working capital needs and for personal purposes like marriage, education, travel, touring for personal pleasure and for business purposes. Equities First Holdings dealing has registered a growth rate of over thirty percent since its inception year back in 2002. The Chief Executive Officer of the company said that over seventy percent of the loans have originated from international clients and thereby marking their entry into countries that were previously left unexplored.

Equities First Holdings has invested in investment management software’s and client servicing mechanisms and it is currently almost doubling its sitting capacity at their headquarters. The company has serviced loans not only for Corporations and business but also for ultra-high net worth individuals. With volatility in loan interest rates, the company has registered a constant growth when the market seems to be down for conventional loan vendors. With a guaranteed solution, Equities First Holdings is set to make its mark in the world in both short and long term scenarios.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the leading company’s issuing stock-based loans to business and the high-net-worth individuals in the world. For the company, they have worked to see more traction in the use of stocks as collateral to secure fast working capital during this harsh economic crisis. For this reason, the company has elevated the use of stocks to obtain the non-purpose capital to their clients at the best interest rates in the world. During this harsh economic crisis, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. For this reason, you will find that the banks and other alternative financial solution companies have worked to cut down their lending capabilities. Therefore, this means that few people will have the opportunity to qualify for the credit-based loans.

During a harsh economic crisis, banks and other credit-based financial companies work to cut down the lending capabilities to in individuals in a manner which makes them scared away. Interest rates are also exaggerated to have few people attracted to secure the loans. For this reason, Equities First Holdings becomes one of the most trusted and sought company to get them secure fast working capital in the event of a harsh economic crisis. For those who fail to secure the fast working capital, you might want to get a better solution concerning the loans. The increased popularity of Equities First Holdings as the best loan provider makes everyone want to be associated with the company.

While there are numerous options for you to get working capital, there is a recent order than banks have cut down their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, they have also increased their interest rates to amounts which are unpleasant to most credit-based loan applicants. For this reason, we are here to ensure that these loans are attracted in the best manner to have a better solution for getting loan.

Equities First Holdings Introduces Innovation into the Banking Industry

Equities First Holdings Introduces Innovation into the Banking Industry

In the recent times, the lending department has experienced serious problems. The world has experienced several financial crises, not forgetting the many political challenges in different countries. These factors have severely affected the financial institutions, forcing them to tighten their lending criteria in order to survive the harsh economic times. This means that in the modern times, it is not easy to qualify for loans. Lack of employment and low credit ratings have forced many individuals to live in poverty because they cannot access loans to empower themselves.

Fortunately, several financial institutions have emerged and developed some innovative methods to enable the modern consumer to access money for their businesses. One of these establishments is known as Equities First Holdings, and it has transformed the lives of many people and organizations in the world. Individuals who want to raise capital fast can now get it from Equities First Holdings in a short duration.

Equities First Holdings was established by an influential businessman known as Al Christy in the year 2002. Since its foundation, the successful organization has focused on ensuring that the consumers get better alternatives and approaches, especially in the lending section. The company offers its customers loans at very affordable rates compared to the conventional lending institutions in the world. Customers who visit the organization are allowed to access their loans using stocks and bonds as collateral. Investors from many parts of the globe can acquire the funds they need using their stock that are publicly traded. These types of loans have become extremely popular in many nations, and many investors have embraced them. Many people have achieved their dreams thanks to the company.

Since it was established, Equities First Holdings has earned the trust of many clients because of the quality of services it provides. The processes in the organization are very transparent, and they are completed in a short duration. The interest rates from the organization are also constant throughout the life of the loan, and this speaks volumes for the organization. Equities First has successfully completed more than seven thousand transactions since it was founded several years ago.

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