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How Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime Is Taking The Beauty World By Storm

How Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime Is Taking The Beauty World By Storm

Lime Crime is known in the beauty community for their vibrant and unique color selections. Recently Lime Crime has announced some exciting new launches that has made everyone incredibly excited.


It was been announced that Lime Crime is going to add three new shades to their Diamond Crushers top coat collection. These on-trend shades are Acid Fairy, holographic color, Black Unicorn, a shimmering “oil-slick hue,” and Cleopatra, which is rose gold in color. These three shades will be added to their Diamond Crusher top coat collection which consists of water-based lip products that are perfect to wear over other products or on its on. Metallic shades are huge in the beauty world at the moment, and this collection satisfies any on-trend beauty lovers needs.


Along with the exciting announcement of new lip colors, Lime Crime also announced that they will be launching Unicorn Hair Dye, a line of bold and unique hair dyes. The dye is created without ammonia, peroxide, or bleach and even better is that it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free. This conditioning formula will add a bold pop of color without causing damage to your hair or animals. What could be better? Perhaps the color selection. With bold bright colors and intense pastels. These nonpermanent shades are perfect for any look and with all the damage free options you will be able to create tons of looks.


With all the exciting launches coming, Lime Crime is about to take the beauty world by storm. These on-trend but still unique launches are bound to sell out quick and cause a lot of buzz.

Fabletics Helps People Dress To Impress

Fabletics Helps People Dress To Impress

While a lot of people tend to have a view as nothing more than something that is worn, there are some people that are willing to take pride in how they are dressed. However, the one thing that people have to look at when it comes to dressing up is the reason. The truth is many people dress up for different reasons. One reason that people dress up for is to impress the employer and get the job. Another reason is for people to impress their friends. However, one good reason to dress up is for one to please herself. After all, fashion does have an effect on one’s own emotional state.


Whatever the reason people have to dress up, Fabletics is there to help with it. Fabletics has been made with a couple of objectives. For one thing, they want people to not only dress well, but to find their own style. After all, there are clothes that are considered good by the vast majority. However, there are preferences, and women can make their preferences look good. This is one of the reasons that there is such a huge variety in the clothing that is available to women from Fabletics.


One thing that is impressive about Fabletics is that it has a business model that not only gains, but keeps customers. They have plenty of features that the customer could take advantage of. There is always one item like a pair of shoes on sale or an outfit that one could get a discount on. Also, women of all sizes and shapes are going to find something that they not only like but makes them feel a lot better about themselves.


Fabletics has a lot of fashionable items that are very enviable for people who don’t know where to look. It is a lot like having a tailor. Women are likely to find satisfaction that can’t be found with any other store that offers athletic clothing. This will also help them achieve their goals they intend to achieve with fashion. While they may impress others, they may also feel comfortable in their own skin through self expression.


Don Ressler and the Emergence of Fabletics

Don Ressler and the Emergence of Fabletics

Fabletics came onto the scene in late 2013. This is a division of the Just Fab brand. Just Fab covers all aspects of fashion and Fabletics focuses on hip and trendy athletic clothing. Co-founded JustFab company by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson was brought in as well, and the idea for Fabletics was born.

Don Ressler has been interviewed many times talking about Fabletics and the idea behind it. Don and his wife have been athletic all their lives to include presently. Both were athletes in college and spend a good amount of time in athletic clothing. Don Ressler noticed that there was no fitness clothing available that was fashionable. All were very basic and did not do a lot to express anyone’s personality. There were a lot of brands out there, but none were of good quality, fashionable and for sale at a decent price.

When the business plan for Fabletics was created, it was always the intention to be a fashionable athletic brand at These clothes were always meant to be multipurpose. More and more people are wearing clothing that is comfortable. Yoga pants, athletic tops, and hoodies are just some of the pieces people are wearing more and more. Fabletics wanted to take these pieces and make them trendy and something people would want to wear every day.

When Fabletics began, it was done as an e-commerce company. Everything was done completely online. The website was set up to be easy to use and entirely user-friendly on Crunchbase. While they have seen enormous success being based completely online, they know they are not reaching as many customers as they can be. To reach even more customers, Fabletics will soon be available in retail stores across the country. This will be a huge step for Fabletics and help their brand continue to grow.

More and more people are seeing the need to lead a healthy lifestyle and are being proactive to achieve that goal. Every day people are incorporating fitness into their daily routine and Fabletics is helping them to be fashionable while they are improving their health. The athletic gear on Pando offered by Fabletics is trendy and easily affordable. It is made for all lifestyles and will be inspirational to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Technology as fashion

Technology as fashion

As time marches on, so does fashion and technology. Gradually, devices have grown smaller and smaller, almost to the degree of not being noticeable. The reason for this is that toting around clunky gadgets is not thought to be very fashionable in today’s society. This is reflected by the progression of music players such as boom boxes to walkmans to iPods. In Tech Fashion Trends For The Future, Christopher Burch tells readers about how technology trends will be more fashionable in the future.


Everything from bicycle helmets and firefighter gloves to gowns, jackets, and t-shirts made from recycled materials are being redone and remastered with a technological twist. For instance, wearing a helmet while riding a bike is not very fashionable. However, wearing an Airbag for Cyclists, which is worn around the neck and only activates when needed, not only is it chicer, but it has been proven to allow a cyclist improved visibility over a traditional helmet.


Burch’s bottom line is to show that fashion and technology are intertwined and when one advances the other must keep up to stay relevant. At the same time, fashion act as a helping hand to certain technological advances, specifically when those advances are not considered to be very trendy.


Christopher Burch, founder, and CEO of Burch Creative Capital got his start in 1976 as an undergrad at Ithica College where he started Eagles Eye Apparel with his brother, Bob. After the company sold, Burch was an early investor in Internet Capital Group. From there Burch has invested in many domestic and international real estate endeavors. Over his roughly forty year career, Burch has taken part in the advancement of more than fifty companies.


Known as a serial entrepreneur, Christopher Burch has partnered with scores of brands.He is also responsible for the launch of many brands such as C. Wonder and Cocoon9. In addition, Burch was a board member of many organizations including the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, The Continuum Group, and Guggenheim Capital. Currently, as the principle of Burch Creative Capital,his brand portfolio includes ED by Ellen Degeneres, TRADEMARK, and Nihiwatu among others.