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Read “Game of Thrones,” Now What?

Read “Game of Thrones,” Now What?


So, you read all of the “Game of Thrones” books. The show is not on so you can not play “spot the differences.” What do you read if you’re looking for more books like Game of Thrones?

“Dune” by Frank Herbert and the books that make up the original trilogy with a couple added Dune books might fit the bill. It takes place on a desert world. It has something akin to dragons. It has rulers and peasants. Perfect!  There was also a great miniseries too based on the same concept, which is totally worth watching.

“The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever” is a great series that one does not hear much about. It was written by Stephen L. Donaldson. Naming himself Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, the main character finds himself in an alternate world, alien to him. Then he finds it is up to him to save it.

Another good series is “Clan of the Cave Bear.” This historical fantasy series takes place at the dawn of mankind when there are Neanderthals and a strange new humanoid, Homo sapiens. The books show what the meetings between the two types of humans might have happened and how they may have interacted.It gives flesh and personality to things you see in museums. The books leave you to wonder “Could it have been this way?”

The last set on our list also has a television series, “Outlander.” Written by Diana Gabaldon, a woman from the 1940s gets transported back to early Scotland by visiting a mysterious stone circle. Married in one life, she meets a man in the other. She knows what is going to happen sometimes specifically, sometimes in general and makes these Scotsmen listen to her. At least, part of the time.