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The Insight Of ClassDojo

The Insight Of ClassDojo

ClassDojo puts teachers together with the students and their parents in their phenomenal classrooms. The teachers give their students encouragement for skills they possess which builds confidence. The students build portfolios and are able to include photographs and videos that are important to them. When parents share these memories with their children, it is all positive.

Making the right choices is encouraged at ClassDojo, a child who tends to be on the shy side will be rewarded for participation. This is a classroom where customization is part of the day to day activities. All languages are even accessible as translations are available with the press of a button.

There are now more than 90,000 schools using ClassDojo. Although their staff is below thirty with just thirty-one million dollars in funding, they have become one of technologies greatest tools. Used for grades from Kindergarten through twelfth, parents and their children are communicating like they never have. Sixty-five per cent of the applicable grades had at last one teacher who was using ClassDojo last year. This year, that figure jumped to ninety per cent.

Sam Chaudhary is one of the funders and the CEO of ClassDojo. His pride in giving people the ability to make true connections is amazing. So much today is online, from twitter profile @ClassDojo and it makes forming relationships difficult.

The class teaches how important interactions are, even when someone has belief’s or experience’s are much different from your own. Empathy, the ability to show caring or express when you are grateful are all important aspects in today’s society. ClassDojo emphasizes this with video’s about monster Mojo. He has his friends appearing in the first play he ever hosted at school. The lessons learned in this video are extremely well done and appropriate for people of all ages.

These video’s gave the kid’s in a reading class a inventive idea. They had noticed a particular student was feeling quite anxious when asked to read with a chosen partner. This student was autistic and social pressure caused severe anxiety. The kid’s formed the plan to allow this student to overcome the anxiety all because they had watched the video. That was an amazing less that came about because of ClassDojo and the lessons they are able to teach.

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