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Making A Difference

Making A Difference

A true businessman knows there are risks to everything they do. Those who are truly successful are not afraid of the risks that lie before them. Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman who wasn’t afraid to try something new with each business he was involved in. Even with his current business venture, he is taking a chance and hoping to make a difference in the world.


Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Michigan. His parents were a school teacher and a structural engineer. Eric attended the University of Michigan, and he graduated in 1991. He then went on to the University of Michigan Law School and graduated from that school two years later.


After graduating, Eric Lefkosky and his business partner started on their adventure into the business world. They started off by purchasing an apparel store in Madison, Wisconsin. After that, they moved to the internet world and created an online company that sold promotional items. In 2001, they created a company called InnerWorkings which is a global marketing firm. In 2005, they created Echo Global Logistics which is a freight logistics company. Both are still in existence today.

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In 2007, Eric was an investor in and a co-founder of a company called In 2008, the name of this company was changed to Groupon. Groupon is the fastest growing company in history and is still hugely popular. Eric served for a time as the CEO but has since stepped down and is now the chairman of the board.  Based on


In 2016, Eric co-founded his current company called Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that has created an operating system to help in the fight against cancer. This machine analyzes blood and tissue samples to look for mutations in the genetic makeup of cancer patients. Doctors use these results to create customized treatment plans for their patients.


Eric Lefkofsky has been a businessman his entire adult life. He has taken risks and many have paid off. With his current company, he is looking for a way to make a difference and change lives for the better.

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InnovaCare Health and the Exemplary Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health and the Exemplary Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare health has continued to grow to greater heights courtesy of its entire leadership headed by Rick Shinto. The organization is on the top in the list North American best healthcare providers. InnovaCare is fully committed to delivering quality and affordable health services using the latest technologies.

The facility intends to transform the management of healthcare on RocketReach to tackle the challenges facing the healthcare in the modern world. Besides, the organization is highly concerned about the welfare of its patients. It envisions having sustainable models with managed care to ensure their clients receive cost-effective on LinkedIn, coordinated, quality and innovative health care services. Moreover, InnovaCare is dedicated to developing strong relationships with patients, prioritizing customers’ needs, teamwork, quality medical services, and ensuring the growth of this facility.

Dr. Rick Shinto plays a senior executive role of the President as well as the CEO of the InnovaCare Health. He kicked off his medical career as an interning pulmonologist in Southern California. Dr. Shinto was working in a similar position in Aveta Inc. before its liquidation over four years ago. He had been the president and chief executive officer of this company for four years. Besides, before Rick Shinto’s appointment as Aveta president and CEO, he was part of the great management team.

Additionally, Rick Shinto was working as a chief medical officer at NAMM in California before his appointment as the Aveta President and CEO. Dr. Shinto had also worked for Medical Pathways Management Company where he played the role of CEO as well as the Chief Medical Officer. In the mid-90s, Dr. Shinto changed jobs from being the Vice President of the Medical Management for MedPartners on Crunchbase to being the Chief Medical Officer in Cal Oprima Health.

Dr. Shinto has acquired over twenty years of experience working in senior executive positions. He has gathered immense skills in managed care, which he is using in his current designation in InnovaCare.

Penelope Kokkinides is also one the executive in InnovaCare working closely with Dr. Shinto. He is the Chief Administrative Officer in this organization on BusinessWire. He has been working for InnovaCare in this capacity for less than two years. Penelope also has vast experience in managed care since he used to work for Aveta Inc., Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health as well as Care Management and Diseases Management among others. He occupied senior executive positions in these organizations.

Dr. Shinto has led InnovaCare to offer healthcare services to underprivileged. Therefore, he scooped the Access to Caring Award from Western University of Health Sciences.