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Ricardo Tosto Provides Outstanding Legal Solutions

Ricardo Tosto Provides Outstanding Legal Solutions

Brazilian law is closely related to Portuguese law since it was a former colony of Portugal. The nation began developing its legal system in 1822 after earning independence. It created an autonomous legal system and started training lawyers. The first law colleges were instituted in Olinda and Sao Paulo in 1827.

The Brazilian legal system has also borrowed aspects from other foreign nations. For instance, the civil law has huge influences from France while the Civil Code was originally related to the Napoleon code back in the 19th century but in the 20th century, it incorporated Germany influences.

How to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil

Individuals interested in launching a career in law must pass the High School National Examination administered by the Brazilian Government. They should register at a University and undertake an undergraduate degree in law. Apart from the training offered by the law school, the students must work as interns in established law firms to gain practical experience in handling issues related to the law profession. Passing a certification examination administered by the OAB popularly known as Brazilian Bar Association is compulsory. The test is administered two or three times every year. The exam is comprehensive and a bit tough and, therefore, prospective lawyers must read widely. Once a student attains 60 percent and above in the exam, she or he is legally qualified to practice law in Brazil. The OEM Examination has a section that allows candidates to choose their area of specialization.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a legal strategist and a talented lawyer hailing from Brazil. He has developed legal strategies that have been introduced into the Brazilian legal system. He commenced his career in a small law firm and built a successful career as a commercial litigator. He proceeded to launch his law company, which experienced enormous growth few years after its inception.

Ricardo Tosto has served as legal counsel for many influential personalities and globally renowned companies. Several legal mechanisms developed by Tosto have been adopted in the Brazilian legal community. He is responsible for mentoring some of the best attorneys in Brazil. Some of the attorneys launched their careers as interns in Tosto’s company.

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