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José Henrique Borghi: How An Advertising Agency Can Help You

José Henrique Borghi: How An Advertising Agency Can Help You

Are you planning to launch a business or product? Looking for a proven way to create and implement compelling marketing and advertising message? There are several ways you can reach your potential customers and a reliable advertising expert like José Henrique Borghi can help you.

Whether you will become successful or not, depends on the strategies and steps you apply.
Ineffective advertising can have a negative impact on your business and is usually due to poor planning and improper implementation. A well planned and properly implemented advertising or promotion can benefit your business tremendously
Starting from planning, research on your target audience to understanding your competitors, a successful company requires several proven strategies to be executed.

An ad agency can provide companies and entrepreneurs with a vast range of services, including branding, public relations, promotional marketing, direct response and the management of advertising campaigns . An ad agency will also select the right advertising media as well as the right message for your audience.

For popularity and growth of your business or organization, it is imperative that you communicate effectively with your audience. But, you must first determine what works best for your organization. It is not a good idea to use trial and error when it comes to marketing or advertising your business.

José Henrique Borghi offers expertise and experience in business promotion and advertising. José Henrique Borghi can determine who your customers are, how to reach them cost-effectively, and develop strategies that will get them interested in purchasing your product or service.

José Henrique Borghi is a marketing and advertising consultant and the co-founder of Mullen Lowe, one of the most recommended ad agencies. Based in Brazil, José Henrique Borghi offers affordable and customized advertising solutions to all types of businesses.

About José Henrique Borghi:

Jose Borghi Fell in Love with Advertisement, Went for it and Made it His Lifetime Occupation

Jose Borghi Fell in Love with Advertisement, Went for it and Made it His Lifetime Occupation

A marketing graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PCUSP), Jose Henrique Borghi is among the most decorated advertisers in Brazil. José Henrique Borghi fell in love with advertising as a young man when, together with his sister, he attended an advertising event in one of the local theaters. Driven by passion and hard work, Jose was able to succeed in the Brazilian advertising industry where he is now a dominant force.

Jose’s Career Journey

After attaining his degree, Jose got his maiden job as an advertising agent for Ogilvy ad Academy in 1988. He later left the firm to work in different capacities for ad companies, such as Talent and DM9DDB. Jose’s breakthrough in the ad industry, however, came in 1999 when he became the chief creative officer of Leo Burnett. After serving diligently in this position, he earned a promotion to the CEO position, a position he held until he left the firm in 2002.

Upon leaving Leo Burnett, Jose teamed up with Ray Erh to establish an advertising agency that they named BorghiErh. The agency was later to merge with Lowe + Partners, with Jose becoming the chief creative officer. It is after Mullen Group acquired the agency in 2015 that Mullen Lowe Brazil was born. Since then, Jose has been serving as the CEO.

Jose Borghi Challenge to Advertising Agencies

In 2016, Brazil was hardest hit by a wave of economic crises characterized by unprecedented inflation rates and an all-time low GDP. Whenever the economy of a country sinks, one of the most affected areas is usually the advertising and marketing sector. Surprisingly, Jose Borghi pointed out that even in the middle of the crisis, R $10 billion worth of investments was made in the online ad platforms and digital mobile marketing. He praised this development, noting that with a vibrant marketing and advertising sector, the economy was bound to bounce back for there would be a consistent demand and supply of commodities. He challenged the veteran ad companies to also move with speed and invest in online marketing.

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José Borghi’s creativity began when he was still a little boy.

José Borghi’s creativity began when he was still a little boy.

The broadcast promotional director whose conduct is the power for the construction of his agency, Mullen Lowe, the country of Brazil’s unique and very much loved commercial enterprises, is Jose Borghi. Jose’s chiefly famous commercial enterprise is comically named “Mammals Parmalat.” During this telecast commercial which was broadcast to the entire population of Brazil, kids are showcased dancing blissfully and singing gleefully to famed Brazilian jingles. The entertaining and beautiful quality of this telecast commercial is that all of the kids are wearing a collection of costumes intended to look a lot like the forms of toy animals.

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Jose Borghi’s successes are unequaled in the complicated world of broadcast promotionals. Jose’s skilled accomplishments commenced during his youth as a middle school student. Jose’s sibling asked Jose to come with her to a theater, to watch a very popular presentation showcasing highly treasured, lucrative televised commercials. The theater presented a collection of highly inventive commercials; each one of the presented commercials were famous all over the country of Brazil for their highly creative telecast commercials. The creators behind the commercials that were presented at the event each had been given a beautiful statue for their ingenious presentation values from the globally legendary Cannes Film Festival. Each creator behind the televised commercials was given a statue. These statue awards were produced to look like gold lions, which gripped Jose. When Jose saw those gripping lion statue awards, he instantaneously knew that he would start an endeavor to work attentively to be an imaginative creator of commercials himself.

Jose is an educated graduate from the PUC Campinas. There, Jose was awarded Advertising degree. In1989, Jose then went to his first occupation at, the Standart Ogilvy. Jose then enhanced his practiced proficiency while working at Leo Burnett. Jose, at the side of his partner, Erh Ray, formed a business project, and named it with their mutual names, BorghiErh.The company was changed to Borghi Lowe, after Lowe enacted a buy out. They later coupled with Lowe & the Mullen Group, to form the firm, Mullen Lowe.

Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe Explores Technology In Advertising

Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe Explores Technology In Advertising

The story of Brazilian advertising executive Jose Borghi is one that is extremely enjoyable for all of us to look back on and gain some inspiration for the future. The Mullen Lowe Brasil CEO and CCO has always taken the best opportunities available to gain an advantage in the advertising industry over other companies, including his decision with business partner Erh Ray to allow a major investment to take place in their BorghiErh ad agency that resulted in its renaming as Mullen Lowe.

Jose Borghi is always looking at the best ways for he and his colleagues at Mullen Lowe to explore the path forward, particularly when they are seeking a new and entertaining way of seeking success in the latest social media and new media platforms. Over the last few years the emergence of Instagram as a major social media force is something Jose Borghi has been looking to explore as he feels the image based media is of great importance for the future of the advertising industry; the development of image-based media has even been explored by Borghi and his research partners as part of a major investment in the best ways of bringing about a real reaction from viewers of marketing campaigns.

Success seems to have always followed Jose Borghi as he has moved seamlessly from being a creative in his first advertising role to establishing and making a success of his own ad agency, and finally finding a role as one of the world’s leading advertising executives working in a multi national organization. Despite the success he has achieved in advertising, Jose Borghi still enjoys the day to day creative work he undertakes and played an active role in a recent Instagram campaign by Mullen Lowe Brasil designed to highlight the possibilities offered by this social media platform.

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