Catching Most Wanted Fugitives with the Help of Securus Technologies

Catching Most Wanted Fugitives with the Help of Securus Technologies

When a fugitive is on the loose, it doesn’t matter what state or country they travel, my job is to hunt them down until they are brought to justice. I was working on one particular case where the fugitive was hiding in Mexico, but he would make small trips to the states to get money and then slip back over the border minutes before we could nap him.


I discovered that this criminal was not working with a network of family or friends because we closely monitored his family and friends, and at no point did they ever tip us off to meeting or helping this fugitive. Normally these family members will risk everything to get to a pay phone or use someones phone to reach out any way they can to help support the fugitive.


This case was different, the fugitive would slip out of Mexico and then our intelligence in that country would say he was flush with cash again, despite not committing any crimes in the states. Just as I was losing hope we would ever be able to time it to be at the right place to catch this suspect, Securus Technologies was installing an inmate communication system in the jail he escaped, and it would become the key to solving this case for me.


I went in to train on the LBS software, and discovered that some inmates in the jail were still talking about him openly. It was during one conversation that I discovered the fugitive had stayed at another inmates house for a week before leaving the country. We raided the house and discovered a receipt for a storage unit, and upon inspection, found $400,000 in that unit.


Thanks to the LBS software, we set a trap and when the fugitive came to get his cash, we were waiting for him with a new set of shiny handcuffs.


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