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Entrepreneur Chris Burch Eyes The Ongoing Fusion Of Tech and Fashion

Entrepreneur Chris Burch Eyes The Ongoing Fusion Of Tech and Fashion

Chris Burch has witnessed over his career the ever closer union between new technology and fashion. The combination of the two first started with boom boxes in the 1970’s that became prominent in media and fashion. By the 90’s it was the Walkman’s influence on culture turning into iPods influence in the 2000’s and now smartphones. As time goes on fashion developers incorporate more and more technology into their product offerings. These advances will lead to wearable technology that will protect, inform, and provide increased functionality in clothing of all types.

Some of the technology that Chris Burch envisions is scarves worn by bike riders that will blow up into an airbag in case of a crash. He also sees gloves for firefighters that will enhance their communication quickly and easily through simple hand gestures. He also sees advances in using recycled materials to create fashionable clothing such as inner tubes and recycled radiator copper. Another use of technology is to generate electricity using the movement of the wearer in order to power all of the devices they are carrying with them. As Burch has said, technology can not only help create beautiful new fashionable clothing but it can also make that clothing more functional and green as well.

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, based in New York City. His goal with the company is to create disruptive ideas in the world of fashion through investing in new ventures and brand development. He’s dedicated to not just providing customers with a product but with an experience as well. He is behind many brands including Cocoon9, Ed by Ellen, Poppin, Nihiwatu, and C. Wonder among others. In 2012 he became a billionaire, according to Forbes magazine.

Burch first became involved in the fashion industry while in college, when along with his brother founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel. Starting with just $20,000, they purchased sweaters for $10 and sold them for $15 on college campuses. They eventually started a factory and expanded beyond campuses and into retail stores around the United States. He has also founded other fashion companies such as Tory Burch.

In addition to his fashion empire, Burch has worked in the real estate field. In 2004 he and his partners built the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also purchased a home for $14 million in Southampton New York, renovated the home, and resold it months later for $25 million.



Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani commonly known as Hussein Sajwani was born in the year 1954. His mother was a hawker and the father a pet store owner. He lived a pretty much normal life in a middle-class household.


At the tender age of three, Hussain was already working in his dad’s store. This gave Hussein Sajwani the entrepreneurial experience that would later come in handy for his business empire later in life.


He is the proprietor of Damac Properties which was founded in 2002 just when Dubai was going through a boom in real estate business. Damac Properties deals in the development of top of the range, luxury, commercial and residential properties as well as real estate properties in Dubai and the Middle East. One of the marketing strategies associated with Damac Properties is awarding a Bentley for some of the purchases made in his company. The company has its headquarters in Dubai. Damac plans to list its shares on the London Stock Exchange as one of its IPO venues.


Some of the developments under Damac Properties include; DAMAC Maison De Ville, DAMAC Maison, AYKON Hotels & Resorts, DAMAC Maison Royale. Each of these caters to different classes of high-end clientele.


Hussein Sajwani hopes to strengthen his business ties with the real estate titan The Trump Foundation. The Trump Foundation is a real estate giant company owned by President Donald Trump. Hussein Sajwani has previously worked with the Trump organization in the establishment of the Trump International Golf Club. Their collaboration resulted in sales of up to $2 billion from the sale of the luxury villas by Damac.


However, Trump stated that he might not be in a position to take on any more business partnership while in office for fear of conflict of interest. But the two enjoy more than a business relationship that has seen both families create strong ties.


Hussein Sajwani and Damac Properties regular engage in corporate social responsibilities. Some of the donations made include AED 1Million for the establishment of a modern center for Dubai Autism center and support to the UAE Red Crescent which assists less fortunate kids.

Kabbalah Gives Celebrities Peace In Life

Kabbalah Gives Celebrities Peace In Life

Many famous Hollywood celebrities such as Paris Hilton, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, the late Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears have expressed a deep interest in Jewish mysticism. Madonna is so into Kabbalah that she has opened numerous Kabbalah center and given donations to scholars who study this ancient form of Judaism. This begs the question, why do so many non-Jewish celebrities embrace and convert to Judaism because of Kabbalah.

Many celebrities state that Kabbalah eliminates chaos and brings order to their lives. Paris Hilton says that after infamous break up with Nick Carter the community at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles helped her cope. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah eliminated 80 percent of the chaos in her life. The Kabbalah Centre website states that Kabbalah is an old wisdom that offers tools for lasting fulfilment and joy. However, not everyone joins Kabbalah for help with personal issues. The departed Sammy Davis stated that for him Kabbalah was about being part of a community with deep roots.

Madonna says that the main pillar of Kabbalah is that everyone is put on earth to help other people. Everyone’s job is to figure out how to help other people. Madonna is reverent Kabbalah adherent who wears the red Kabbalah string around her wrist to protect herself from evil spirits. The late Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism because of Kabbalah. She became a regular supporter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and she even offered herself in exchange for the 100 Israeli hostages held in Uganda in 1976.The late Rabbi Philip Berg who popularized Kabbalah stated that his aim was to make Kabbalah accessible to everyone. He accomplished this by simplifying Kabbalah, removing outdated restrictions and incorporating aspects of modern life that made it more relevant to people.


Get More Financial Freedom With A Distance Learning Course

Get More Financial Freedom With A Distance Learning Course

Successful financial analyst and strategist, Jim Hunt attempts to draw your attention away from giving your money away to programs and strategies that don’t work. He encourages his clients to make sound financial decisions on Build your way from living on a budget to becoming a successful investor or business owner. He offers 5,600+ financial strategy courses on VTA Publications that will give you the option of becoming a millionaire, the secrets the big corporations don’t want you to know, or being able to buy a home. Hunt says surround yourself around positive people that can pioneer your financial future and help you grow.

Hunt agrees that the economic sector is in a frenzy. More people are reluctant to invest than ever before. In fact, he says, they are not investing in their retirement like they once did. He attempts to regain the trust of people that want to invest their money or learn the secrets of saving that will allow you to double your finances on Hunt says, that thousands of people choose to make sound decisions about their money. Jim Hunt attempts to give you practical solutions to growing and investing your money with VTA Publications courses. You never have to worry about pulling long hours on the job for someone else.

He embarked on a path that lead him to create a millionaire status for his mum. In under ten trades he was successful at making his mum a tax free millionaire. He offers this advice on his YouTube channel as well as investing his own money and giving transparent results for his clients. He wants his clients to interact by asking questions and taking notes. Being a part of the channel will help build your confidence in the stock market. Thousands of people have enrolled in the VTA Publications course by Hunt and have pioneered their way to a Fortune 500 lifestyle.

You’re invited to become a VTA member today by visiting their exclusive website and searching through their broad list of programs, services, and promotional offers. Say goodbye to debt today and live a high end lifestyle that you desire.

Highly Celebrated One Planet Award Recognizes Troy McQaugge

Highly Celebrated One Planet Award Recognizes Troy McQaugge

Troy McQaugge was named the 2016 CEO of the year. The CEO emerged as the gold winner in awards that honors great business and professional experts in various industries across the world. Business entities small or big, public and private, for-profit and non-profit from across the world are eligible to participate in the awards. Since joining USHealth Group; Troy has transformed the firm to achieve unparalleled success, growth, and profitability in the health insurance sector.


Troy could not hide his excitement following the recognition. He, however, dedicated the award to the entire USHealth fraternity. He said that the award is proof that their company is devoted to ensuring cost-effective and innovative healthcare services.


Troy McQaugge in Brief


Troy is a corporate executive and an entrepreneur from Panama City, Florida. He is excellent sales and insurance professional with over three decades of experience. He is richly endowed with skills in some of the highly competitive environments such as turnarounds, start-ups, and high-growth companies. Over the years, Trot McQaugge has demonstrated world-class ability to offer leadership and motivation to multi-functional and cross-cultural teams.


Troy McQaugge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in legal studies. Currently, he is the president and CEO of USHealth Advisors. At USHealth, he is responsible for strategic growth and profitability of the firm’s insurance operations and distribution. Under his leadership, the company has for three consecutive years delivered record-setting results for growth and profitability.


Troy began his career in health insurance sales. He worked for HealthMarkets where he served as president agency marketing group from 1996-2008. He managed to increase sales at HealthMarkets from $250 million in 1999 to over $1 billion by 2004. At the same time, the share price moved from$2 to more than $55 per share. Troy Left HealthMarket and joined USHealth in2 010 as the president and CEO.


Wedding Photography Location Suggestions from George Street Photos and Videos

Wedding Photography Location Suggestions from George Street Photos and Videos

Your wedding photograph location should reflect you and your significant other’s personality. There are many great choices that a professional photographer can recommend.


If you are getting married in Houston, then consider the Comicpalooza at Discovery Green as the bright colors make a fun wedding photo location. The street art downtown also serves as a fun backdrop.

New York City

The bridges and stairways at Carl Schurz Park makes a scenic place to take wedding or engagement photos. The old railroad tracks at The High Line serves as stunning backdrop for those looking for a more traditional flair.

Regardless of where you are getting married in the United States, contact the professionals at George Street Photos and Video Locations. They will be glad to meet you there.




John Goullet serves as the chairperson as well as the principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. In 1994, he founded Info Technologies, Inc. where he served as the firm’s Chief Executive Leader. Initially, John Goullet was a Computer consultant before being promoted to IT staffing account executive. Mr. Goullet ensured that Info Technologies understood its clientele corporate climate and the IT staffing necessities. He then matched his consultants’ work style and the personality to satisfy the needs of their clients. Under his leadership, Info Technologies has grown into one of the fastest growing private firms in his nation.

His prior experience in the IT field made him obtain a great portfolio. Just like any other successful business person, John has a vision of attaining great things. At home, Goullet is an ordinary man. He starts his mornings with a work out at the gym. He later makes his way to the office where he leaves late in the evening.

John Goullet brings his ideas to light by just paying attention as well as reading what’s taking place in the labor market. In fact, according to Mr. Goullet, the nation is experiencing a shortage of IT experts since very few learners in the U.S. pursue IT courses in the colleges.

John Goullet is excited that technology is an ever growing GDP part due to the increasing technologists demand always. The future for Diversant seems quite bright due to the company’s competence of delivering the ideal candidates to their clients.

Goullet is an entrepreneur leading the development of various highly excellent fields in the IT industry. Before switching to IT staffing, he was a professional IT consultant. After working for some years as an IT consultant, he had gained enough experience in the sector; therefore, he founded the Info Technologies. The Info Technology focused on the provision of solutions to Fortune 500 national wide organizations. This company grew to $30 M in about three years. This particular growth record saw the company being ranked as position 8 on Inc. John and Gene, in 2010, merged DIVERSANT Inc. and the Info Technology forming DIVERSANT LLC. Mr. Goullet continued his passion in the development of new ways that solving the problems facing the IT industry.

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Making A Difference

Making A Difference

A true businessman knows there are risks to everything they do. Those who are truly successful are not afraid of the risks that lie before them. Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman who wasn’t afraid to try something new with each business he was involved in. Even with his current business venture, he is taking a chance and hoping to make a difference in the world.


Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Michigan. His parents were a school teacher and a structural engineer. Eric attended the University of Michigan, and he graduated in 1991. He then went on to the University of Michigan Law School and graduated from that school two years later.


After graduating, Eric Lefkosky and his business partner started on their adventure into the business world. They started off by purchasing an apparel store in Madison, Wisconsin. After that, they moved to the internet world and created an online company that sold promotional items. In 2001, they created a company called InnerWorkings which is a global marketing firm. In 2005, they created Echo Global Logistics which is a freight logistics company. Both are still in existence today.

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In 2007, Eric was an investor in and a co-founder of a company called In 2008, the name of this company was changed to Groupon. Groupon is the fastest growing company in history and is still hugely popular. Eric served for a time as the CEO but has since stepped down and is now the chairman of the board.  Based on


In 2016, Eric co-founded his current company called Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that has created an operating system to help in the fight against cancer. This machine analyzes blood and tissue samples to look for mutations in the genetic makeup of cancer patients. Doctors use these results to create customized treatment plans for their patients.


Eric Lefkofsky has been a businessman his entire adult life. He has taken risks and many have paid off. With his current company, he is looking for a way to make a difference and change lives for the better.

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Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe Explores Technology In Advertising

Jose Borghi Of Mullen Lowe Explores Technology In Advertising

The story of Brazilian advertising executive Jose Borghi is one that is extremely enjoyable for all of us to look back on and gain some inspiration for the future. The Mullen Lowe Brasil CEO and CCO has always taken the best opportunities available to gain an advantage in the advertising industry over other companies, including his decision with business partner Erh Ray to allow a major investment to take place in their BorghiErh ad agency that resulted in its renaming as Mullen Lowe.

Jose Borghi is always looking at the best ways for he and his colleagues at Mullen Lowe to explore the path forward, particularly when they are seeking a new and entertaining way of seeking success in the latest social media and new media platforms. Over the last few years the emergence of Instagram as a major social media force is something Jose Borghi has been looking to explore as he feels the image based media is of great importance for the future of the advertising industry; the development of image-based media has even been explored by Borghi and his research partners as part of a major investment in the best ways of bringing about a real reaction from viewers of marketing campaigns.

Success seems to have always followed Jose Borghi as he has moved seamlessly from being a creative in his first advertising role to establishing and making a success of his own ad agency, and finally finding a role as one of the world’s leading advertising executives working in a multi national organization. Despite the success he has achieved in advertising, Jose Borghi still enjoys the day to day creative work he undertakes and played an active role in a recent Instagram campaign by Mullen Lowe Brasil designed to highlight the possibilities offered by this social media platform.

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InnovaCare Health and the Exemplary Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health and the Exemplary Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare health has continued to grow to greater heights courtesy of its entire leadership headed by Rick Shinto. The organization is on the top in the list North American best healthcare providers. InnovaCare is fully committed to delivering quality and affordable health services using the latest technologies.

The facility intends to transform the management of healthcare on RocketReach to tackle the challenges facing the healthcare in the modern world. Besides, the organization is highly concerned about the welfare of its patients. It envisions having sustainable models with managed care to ensure their clients receive cost-effective on LinkedIn, coordinated, quality and innovative health care services. Moreover, InnovaCare is dedicated to developing strong relationships with patients, prioritizing customers’ needs, teamwork, quality medical services, and ensuring the growth of this facility.

Dr. Rick Shinto plays a senior executive role of the President as well as the CEO of the InnovaCare Health. He kicked off his medical career as an interning pulmonologist in Southern California. Dr. Shinto was working in a similar position in Aveta Inc. before its liquidation over four years ago. He had been the president and chief executive officer of this company for four years. Besides, before Rick Shinto’s appointment as Aveta president and CEO, he was part of the great management team.

Additionally, Rick Shinto was working as a chief medical officer at NAMM in California before his appointment as the Aveta President and CEO. Dr. Shinto had also worked for Medical Pathways Management Company where he played the role of CEO as well as the Chief Medical Officer. In the mid-90s, Dr. Shinto changed jobs from being the Vice President of the Medical Management for MedPartners on Crunchbase to being the Chief Medical Officer in Cal Oprima Health.

Dr. Shinto has acquired over twenty years of experience working in senior executive positions. He has gathered immense skills in managed care, which he is using in his current designation in InnovaCare.

Penelope Kokkinides is also one the executive in InnovaCare working closely with Dr. Shinto. He is the Chief Administrative Officer in this organization on BusinessWire. He has been working for InnovaCare in this capacity for less than two years. Penelope also has vast experience in managed care since he used to work for Aveta Inc., Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health as well as Care Management and Diseases Management among others. He occupied senior executive positions in these organizations.

Dr. Shinto has led InnovaCare to offer healthcare services to underprivileged. Therefore, he scooped the Access to Caring Award from Western University of Health Sciences.