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How the Kabbalah Center Has Been Instrumental in Conveying Kabbalistic Wisdom

How the Kabbalah Center Has Been Instrumental in Conveying Kabbalistic Wisdom

As a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah Center is more than a religious place of worship. The center is headed by multi-ethnic teachers who emancipate people on Kabbalistic teachings as well as the Zohar. Those who prefer browsing the Internet can also access the teachings online. The Kabbalah Center International has established regional and city-based study centers across the globe. Therefore, the Kabbalistic teachings are available to interested individuals irrespective of their geographical location.

Kabbalistic teachings are based on the mysteries of Kabbalah. In the past, Rabbis offered the teachings to male students mostly. Rabbis also ensured that students could only acquire the knowledge when they were past 40 years old. This mechanism received criticism from traditionalists and spiritual leaders. Most of them categorized Kabbalistic teachings under ancient Judaism.


The Kabbalah Centre International attributes its growth from Rav Yehuda and Rav Philip Berg. The institution was first founded as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. Yehuda’s birth name was Tzvi Brandwein while Berg’s birth name was Feivel Gruberger. Rav Yehuda headed the Yeshivah Kol Yehuda as the dean while in Israel. The Israel-based facility, founded in 1922, later gave birth to Kabbalah Centers that are currently distributed across the United States.

In 1984, the first Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center was built. Philip Berg enlisted the help of his wife, Karen Berg, and established a new Kabbalah Center within New York City. Since 1984, the LA-based Kabbalah Center has helped Kabbalah enthusiasts to understand the ancient wisdom. Karen and Michael succeeded Rav Philip Berg as the directors after he passed away. The facility currently operates under a non-profit license and has opened branches in Toronto and London.


The Kabbalistic teachings stand out from other knowledge sources due to its universal approach. The teachings are usually compared to popular religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. The Kabbalah Center was not established to replace any religion. They insist that the center acts as a source of universal wisdom. In the facility, students learn about the Kippot concept. According to this concept, Ein Sof is an unbounded God who connects with all life forms on earth.

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In an article published in on September 30, 2016, a vital discussion was made about the necessity of including more Wikipedia articles about famous indigenous people. Due to the dearth of information on noted indigenous people like Esther Belin, a multimedia artist and poet who won Pushcart Prize, Wikipedia editors are being called to develop more content about these notable native figures.

As per the article, on October 2016, Wikipedia decides to hold Wikiconference North America to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day which will be attended by Wikipedia writers and editors. Wikipedia has started a joint venture of expanding the number of articles so that all the tribes, historical movements are safely archived before they are pushed into oblivion. This is a positive step in keeping the minority groups alive.

During the 2011 survey, it was found that women comprise only 8.5 % of the Wikipedia editors. Since then, edit a thons and competitions were scheduled by feminists to increase the percentage of women participation.

The biggest reason for the least Wikipedia coverage of indigenous people is due to unequal access to the internet by different strata of the population of the world. The research of 2015 at the University of Oxford showed that Wikipedia editors mainly represent their culture and race. There is a shortage of local editors who are willing to write about their culture and people. North American editors are more involved in compiling Wikipedia articles than African ones. Good broadband connection plays a pivotal role in this aspect.

Amongst the North American users too, it is seen that indigenous tribal people have very poor access to the internet. An FCC progress report in 2015 found out that 63% of tribals don’t have access to 25 Mbps / 3 Mbps broadband. The situation is much worse for rural tribal people.

In 2013, Siobhan Senier, an English Professor at the University of New Hampshire started a noble cause of content creation related to indigenous populations with the help of his students of 21st century Native American Literature class. However, many articles they produced were deleted by Wikipedia on the ground of “lack of notability”. The main reason behind this was under documentation and obscurity of their subjects.

Apart from keeping the forgotten groups of the world alive, Wikipedia is a great platform for pushing your business or any enterprise to a next level. Wikipedia business page creation dedicated to your company’s name will increase it authenticity, status, brand and popularity. It will take your reputation to a positive dimension with a significant increase in sales. Also, your company’s name will be more likely to pop up in search engine results more. This is like a free of cost Search Engine Optimisation for your business page.

However, now it is all simple and easy. Anyone can create a Wikipedia page as long as they follow the guidelines strictly. If you want seek the help of a Wikipedia writing and editing agency such as Get Your Wiki to ensure your page is published and stays up.

Ricardo Tosto Provides Outstanding Legal Solutions

Ricardo Tosto Provides Outstanding Legal Solutions

Brazilian law is closely related to Portuguese law since it was a former colony of Portugal. The nation began developing its legal system in 1822 after earning independence. It created an autonomous legal system and started training lawyers. The first law colleges were instituted in Olinda and Sao Paulo in 1827.

The Brazilian legal system has also borrowed aspects from other foreign nations. For instance, the civil law has huge influences from France while the Civil Code was originally related to the Napoleon code back in the 19th century but in the 20th century, it incorporated Germany influences.

How to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil

Individuals interested in launching a career in law must pass the High School National Examination administered by the Brazilian Government. They should register at a University and undertake an undergraduate degree in law. Apart from the training offered by the law school, the students must work as interns in established law firms to gain practical experience in handling issues related to the law profession. Passing a certification examination administered by the OAB popularly known as Brazilian Bar Association is compulsory. The test is administered two or three times every year. The exam is comprehensive and a bit tough and, therefore, prospective lawyers must read widely. Once a student attains 60 percent and above in the exam, she or he is legally qualified to practice law in Brazil. The OEM Examination has a section that allows candidates to choose their area of specialization.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a legal strategist and a talented lawyer hailing from Brazil. He has developed legal strategies that have been introduced into the Brazilian legal system. He commenced his career in a small law firm and built a successful career as a commercial litigator. He proceeded to launch his law company, which experienced enormous growth few years after its inception.

Ricardo Tosto has served as legal counsel for many influential personalities and globally renowned companies. Several legal mechanisms developed by Tosto have been adopted in the Brazilian legal community. He is responsible for mentoring some of the best attorneys in Brazil. Some of the attorneys launched their careers as interns in Tosto’s company.

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Eric Pulier: Giving Back While Pushing Forward

Eric Pulier: Giving Back While Pushing Forward

It doesn’t take much to do good things in life. There are a number of ways deserving people or places can benefit. Many times in life it’s not about how much something costs, but rather the gift itself and how it provides beneficial assistance. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? Did you know that he has done some remarkable things for society in-general? Eric Pulier has a natural good heart which makes him a genuine philanthropist by nature. This guy is helping to reshape man-kind with his brilliance and innovative services. His strong intellect and creativity was seen since a young age and while in the fourth grade, he programmed a computer. By the time he hit his high school years, Pulier had founded a computer data company. The common denominator here is that this intelligent as a strong interest in technology and uses it for the needs of many rather than the wants of few.

Having such a high level of knowledge comes naturally for this extraordinary being as it provided him with a ticket to the prestigious Harvard University. His college years were filled with activities while being on such a short schedule, but that goes to show how persistent he is. Majoring in English/American Literature, Eric Pulier still found time to be an editor as well as column writer for The Harvard Crimson Publication. To add a bit of “insult to injury” was that he also took classes at the neighboring (MIT) institution. Graduation was finally upon him as he graduated magna cum laude.

Pulier had his sights on Los Angeles, California and would be there to which he would start his professional career in 1991. Pulier took the initiative upon arrival and began on a successful run of business and as of today he has founded 15 companies by the names of FLY, XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc, Media Platform, Akana (software), U.S. Interactive, Starbright World, and many more. This proud father of four has truly made an impact on people’s lives and his strong ambition will push him to do even more.

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A Bank For the Future

A Bank For the Future

NexBank Capital, Incorporation’s president and CEO John Holt was asked to speak at the Texas Bankers Association’s fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. His topic discussed how Community Banks can compete through innovation.
The conference allows multiple people in different positions to come together and collaborate on how banks can work through challenges they face. The event was held on November 7, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
NexBank’s Mission is to deliver “uncommon value at every opportunity”. They do this through providing their customers with the best financial people in the industry and providing banking across three platforms, including commercial, mortgage, and investment banking.
In December 2015, the company bought out College Savings Bank in Princeton, New Jersey. The bank specializes in College 529 Plans and will continue to do so as a division of NexBank. After a year of owning the company, College Savings Bank has transferred their customers’ information into online accounts. This allows the customers to have access to their accounts online and a product with competitive rates, which is vital with the growing cost of higher education. In helping their one hundred and fifteen thousand accounts reach better customer satisfaction, they hope to see more customers come on board as well.
The company also began helping Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a non-profit organization that helps provide mortgages to low-income residents within certain zip codes in South Dallas. NexBank is offering mortgages with the program as well as counseling services to prepare for home ownership and paying for the title fees and upwards of two thousand dollars in closing costs. NexBank is a company focused on the future for everyone from their fellow bankers, to parents, and even people who might not get a brighter future without NexBank’s help.

Don’t Blink – Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten Wonders if You Missed this IMF 2016 Development

Don’t Blink – Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten Wonders if You Missed this IMF 2016 Development

The year 2016 had a lot of developments, including Brexit, the Brazil Olympics and American presidential election. It would be very easy for you to miss one of the most important developments at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Investment banker Martin Lustgarten can explain why the world has totally changed.

“Great Leap Forward”

There is a cute video online comparing how different nations would treat “Two Cows.” The United States would sell Options for Three Cows. The Chinese would have 1,000 workers milk the cows. The Swiss would not own any cows, but store 400 cows for their clients. The world is a funny place.When Mao Tse Tung took over leadership in China, he promoted the “Great Leap Forward.” This was because compared to Europe, China was woefully underdeveloped. In the 1950s, China was regarded as a Third World nation by many economic experts.

“Made in China”

Gradually, the Chinese solved problem after problem. They fed their population and gained a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. Now, “Made in China” is commonplace. Some think that China already has the highest GDP in the world. But does China have the prestige, its economic power demands?In September 2016, the IMF finally added the Chinese yuan to its Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket. Even with its tremendous productivity, the top currencies traded around the world are the US dollar, Great Britain pound, Japanese yen and European euro. Finally, China is esteemed as an economic world power.

“World Economy is Changing”

The good news is that you can now invest in the Chinese yuan due to its IMF convertibility. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten can help you decide if this is right for you or your organization. Since, the Chinese produce so many goods, it only makes sense to add their currency to the IMF basket.The global economic landscape keeps changing. With so many news stories, it can be easy to miss the “forest for the trees.” The Chinese yuan addition to the IMF SDR is a very important development. The world will never be the same again.

Technology as fashion

Technology as fashion

As time marches on, so does fashion and technology. Gradually, devices have grown smaller and smaller, almost to the degree of not being noticeable. The reason for this is that toting around clunky gadgets is not thought to be very fashionable in today’s society. This is reflected by the progression of music players such as boom boxes to walkmans to iPods. In Tech Fashion Trends For The Future, Christopher Burch tells readers about how technology trends will be more fashionable in the future.


Everything from bicycle helmets and firefighter gloves to gowns, jackets, and t-shirts made from recycled materials are being redone and remastered with a technological twist. For instance, wearing a helmet while riding a bike is not very fashionable. However, wearing an Airbag for Cyclists, which is worn around the neck and only activates when needed, not only is it chicer, but it has been proven to allow a cyclist improved visibility over a traditional helmet.


Burch’s bottom line is to show that fashion and technology are intertwined and when one advances the other must keep up to stay relevant. At the same time, fashion act as a helping hand to certain technological advances, specifically when those advances are not considered to be very trendy.


Christopher Burch, founder, and CEO of Burch Creative Capital got his start in 1976 as an undergrad at Ithica College where he started Eagles Eye Apparel with his brother, Bob. After the company sold, Burch was an early investor in Internet Capital Group. From there Burch has invested in many domestic and international real estate endeavors. Over his roughly forty year career, Burch has taken part in the advancement of more than fifty companies.


Known as a serial entrepreneur, Christopher Burch has partnered with scores of brands.He is also responsible for the launch of many brands such as C. Wonder and Cocoon9. In addition, Burch was a board member of many organizations including the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, The Continuum Group, and Guggenheim Capital. Currently, as the principle of Burch Creative Capital,his brand portfolio includes ED by Ellen Degeneres, TRADEMARK, and Nihiwatu among others.

Wengies Tips for the Holidays

Wengies Tips for the Holidays

In the Youtube video “DIY and Life Hacks for the Holidays 20 Amazing Ones That You Need to Know” vlogger Wengie gives advice on how to create great holiday decorations and gifts. She makes it easy to create great items fast and easy for the holidays.


One of the holiday hacks that she describes is creating your own snow jars by using a mason jar, Christmas ornaments, and fake snow. She recommends gluing the ornaments onto the mason jar lid and then placing fake snow at the bottom of the jar. Once these steps are completed you can flip over the jar and it will look like it has snowed around the ornaments. Another one of her hacks discusses how to make fake snow if you do not have it. Wengie demonstrates that you could take a diaper, cut it open and use the inside material in place of fake snow. She recommends adding water to the sodium polyacrylates to make it expand. The diaper lining will grow 10 times its size and could be used to decorate snow jars or around various areas around the house.


Wengie offers advice to make the holidays easier by demonstrating ways to decorate for a party. She shows you in her video “Life Hacks for the Holidays 20 Amazing Ones That You Need to Know” how to turn ordinary plastic cups into festive pieces by taking gathering red party cups, black ribbon, a gold button (or gold paint), and glue. She tells you to begin by painting a dark button gold and allowing it to dry or simply finding a gold button and putting it to the side. Next, Wengie takes ribbon and measures out the exact amount needed to fit around the party cups. Then, she glues the button on the center of the ribbon. Afterward, she glues the ends of the ribbon together after wrapping it around the center of the red party cups.

Keith Mann: Uncommon In Every Sense Of The Word

Keith Mann: Uncommon In Every Sense Of The Word

Uncommon is an interesting word and it is a word that I like a lot, quite frankly. It means that someone is their own person. Too often, people want to be like someone else, and they don’t have any sense of who they really are and what they are all about at the end of the day. They are playing the role of someone else. Keith Mann has never been common and never will be common. The same goes for Dynamics Search Partners. They do things a little differently and that is a good thing. The more people that do things differently, the better the results will be out there.


As they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That is why when someone takes an uncommon approach to something, they can have an uncommon result. With the Uncommon School Districts, they are opening up a ton of doors for students to go to college and really pursue their dreams to the fullest. Sometimes all anyone wants is that chance to go to a four-year college. They know they have the brains, the work ethic, and they have what it takes to make it a reality. Many times, money gets in the way of things and it stops people dead in their tracks.


That is why Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners are holding fundraisers, and their most recent fundraiser raised over twenty-two thousand dollars, which will really benefit the kids. Keith Mann has talked about having a level playing field for everyone involved. This ensures that everyone gets a shot and everyone can succeed in life, no matter what their lot in life is or what cards they have been dealt. When everything is fair and equal, you never know what could come out of it or all of the great things that could happen for people.


They have such drive these young adults and such passion, it is infectious. They are so grateful for this chance, and they are going to hit a home run and knock it out of the park.

Seattle Genetics’ CEO Dr. Clay Siegall’s Role in the Advancement of Cancer Research

Seattle Genetics’ CEO Dr. Clay Siegall’s Role in the Advancement of Cancer Research

Dr. Clay Siegall is a scientist and a leading biotechnology researcher who has made major contributions in cancer research. Dr. Siegall is a scientist by training, and he has played a significant role in the growth of several biotechnology companies. Additionally, he has also supervised the development of antibody-drug conjugates.

Dr. Siegall’s leadership and contributions in cancer research

Dr. Siegall is zoologist by training from the University of Maryland. He obtained his Ph.D. in genetics at The George Washington University. His background as a scientist has made him passionate. This unwavering passion has led to his contributions towards the development of various cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall is the current President of Seattle Genetics, a company he officially unveiled in 1998. As the CEO, Dr. Siegall has built the company to its current position of greatness. Among his notable achievements, include the licensing of the company’s antibody- drug conjugates technology.

Through his leadership, Seattle Genetics has developed various drugs for the treatment of several types of cancers. These drugs include Adcetris that treats Hodgkin Lymphoma and 33A that treats myeloid leukemia. Adcetris is a commercialized drug that has fetched the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Seattle Genetics is on the verge of releasing twelve more drugs to fight various forms of cancers. Seattle Genetics is in the process of recruiting more employees by the end of 2016.

Dr. Siegall’s previous work experience and achievements

Prior to establishing Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked at the National Institute of Health and Cancer from 1988 to 1991. In 1991, he got a job at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he served as a principal scientist. He currently serves as an external director of the board of directors of several biotechnology companies such as Alder Biopharmaceutical Inc., Mirna Therapeutics Inc., and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.

Dr. Siegall has received various high-status awards. In 2012, Dr. Siegall won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Pacific Northwest Ernst. In 2013, the University of Maryland named him the Alumnus of the Year for computer, math, and natural sciences. Currently, his objective is to turn Seattle Genetics to a leading developer of effective cancer treatment therapies.