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The Purity of Waiakea Water

The Purity of Waiakea Water

Waiakea is a brand that consumers have started buzzing about. They want to know more about this healthy volcano water from Hawaii that has started to get a lot of buzz online. This is the latest trend in healthy water. It’s the first type that comes from Hawaii. PR News Wire said that this Waiakea spring water may be one of the hottest trends for people that want a unique blend of mineral water that is unlike anything else.

An article from Specialty Food has it that Waiakea water is filtered through volcanic lava rocks. This gives it an edge on all the other water that is out there. The volcanic filtration is something that many people have never heard of before. It is a brand that has been around since 2012, but there are still some people in other states outside of Hawaii that have never heard of it. On the west coast it is popular in places like California because this is so much closer to California than other states like Alabama or Georgia.

People can get access to this regardless of where they live because the Waiakea water can be ordered on the website. This is the type of brand that has managed to gain popularity because there are people on social media sites that are talking about it.

That is where companies like this can truly benefit from social media. All that it takes is a couple of people that are talking about this on Twitter. There have also been people that have posted pictures on social media. This is what gives people the ability to discover this brand even when it is not being sold in the city that they live in.

There is a unique bottle that is associated with this brand. The water is stored in 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles, and this is good for the environment. These naturally biodegradable bottles make it possible for people to drink healthy water and recycle the bottles when they are done.

According to Crunchbase and Forbes, what Waiakea water provides for customers is a light and smooth tasting water that is beneficial to people that want a crisp and clear taste. There ae so many brands on the market today, but all water does not taste the same. Waiakea is a shining example of that. This water is said to come from one of the purest environments on Earth. The purification through the Mauna Loa volcano lava rocks is what provides this purity.

Guide to Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Guide to Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is one of the most well known aspects of the finance field. With investment banking, a number of large companies will have the assistance they need to raise their stock value and increase their capital. Many companies are often looking to expand as well as improve their products and services. As a result, they will often need considerable resources to accomplish these goals. In order to get the resources they need, companies will use an investment banking firm to help merge with another company. This will lead to the company gaining access to more resources such as capital and inventory. Therefore, investment banking helps numerous companies get in better position to experience more overall success.

While most investment banking firms work with large companies, there are many others that work with small businesses and individuals. These firms are known as boutique investment banking firms that provide a wider range of services. One of the most common types of services that these firms provide is offering capital to small companies. A boutique investment banking firm will provide funds to businesses that are looking to expand or start up. Along with helping small businesses, these investment banking firms help individuals with retirement planning and management of their financial assets.

Like all other companies, boutique investment banking firms are owned by one or more individuals. Martin Lustgarten is the current founder and owner of a boutique investment banking firm in Florida. He helps a wide range of clients that include small businesses and individuals. Martin assists small businesses by giving them advice on how to better manage their financial resources, what to invest in as well as where they can get more capital. Lustgarten has a number of investors that he refers clients to which will provide them with the capital necessary to start up or expand.

Martin helps individuals who are looking to better manage their wealth. Lustgarten provides lots of advising and consulting to those who are looking to more efficiently allocate their financial resources. With his knowledge and expertise, Martin has been able to recommend investment options that have greatly benefited his clients. He spends many hours studying the markets and finding securities that will help his individual clients establish long term financial security.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: She Treats Everyone The Same

Dr. Jennifer Walden: She Treats Everyone The Same

Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, which is quite an accomplishment. It is something she has earned with good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears, as they say. She is from Austin, Texas, and now has found her way back home with her own practice. One never forgets home and they never forget where they have come from and where they have lived. Even though she trained in New York from some of the best beauty surgeons and was a sponge in terms of gaining information and experience, Austin was always in her heart.


She knew she would return one day and when she did return, she would give back and be a big part of the community. That has stayed true to this every day. She also loves spending time with her children when she is not working. She works very hard, but she knows how to balance things. She talks about having the right personality for this job and she has always had boatloads of personality. In this profession, that is key. It is vital to make sure that the person feels like this is someone that is going to do the job the right way and they are going to go out of their way to do the best job possible.


After all, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s name is attached to the work. She knows that if she does poor work or has an unhappy customer, that is against her. Although, she does not do poor work. She takes pride in her work and her people skills. It works both ways. Someone can be a great beauty surgeon, but they have no idea how to interact with people. A lot of people might be a little scared, but she makes them feel as relaxed as possible.


She understands the importance of interpersonal communication and how to relate to everyone and find out what they want. Once she has a clear picture, she goes to work and the work simply speaks for itself.

Brian Bonar – a Visionary Financial Executive

Brian Bonar – a Visionary Financial Executive

The financial services industry is a complex area characterized by mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of new regulations, and numerous expansions in some sections. New companies are venturing in this sector and flourishing, especially in boutique insurance, asset management, and private equity.

Ambitious young entrepreneurs who desire to venture in the financial service industry should be up to date on current affairs and be ready to reinforce their market knowledge. Veteran financial executives like Brian Bonar continually study the market before making any investment decision.

How to improve your career in the finance industry

  1. Study and understand the industry

Since the 2007/2008 recession, the finance services industry has gone through numerous reorganizations. Therefore, aspiring financial executives must be ready to explore and master all the factors that affect the industry. They should focus on developing solutions for challenges that this industry faces.

  1. Academic qualifications and capacity building

Becoming a financial professional will require an excellent educational background and adherence to continuous education requirements. Take short courses and earn certifications from renowned professional associations. Skill improvement is mandatory in this competitive sector. Therefore, capacity-building programs such as educational seminars come in handy.

  1. Embrace the culture

The financial arena has a unique organizational culture. New recruits must know how to converse with their superiors. They should understand the right protocol to follow when faced with a challenge. Hospitality is a virtue that enables financial advisors and executives to earn the loyalty of their clients. For instance, Brian Bonar mixes freely with both junior and senior workers. He values the opinion of everyone that works under his supervision.

The interesting career outline of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is debatably one of the world’s talented and influential finance executive. He is a qualified engineer holding a mechanical engineering Ph.D. Bonar has leveraged technical aspects associated with engineering project to come up with strong financial policies and strategies.

He boasts unparalleled experience of close to 30 years as an expert manager in both finance and culinary sectors. Dalrada Financial Corp. registered enormous growth a few months after Bonar became the chair. His responsibility was to supervise the daily operations of the company and enforce its investment plans.

Bonar heads the Imaging Technology Corporation (ITEC), a prominent designer of color management software for digital imaging hardware. Under his pragmatic leadership, the company has grown from a developer to a strong marketing organization.

He has directed several strategic acquisitions that have seen the company expand its operation on a global scale. Today, ITEC offers unique administrative services to its loyal clients.

Bonar’s in-depth financial knowledge and visionary leadership style have enabled him to build a thriving empire in the financial sector. Firms such as Trucept, San Jose-based Adaptec Inc., QMS, and Rastek Corporation have reported significant expansion under his leadership.


White Shark Media Helps People Reach Financial Freedom

White Shark Media Helps People Reach Financial Freedom

One of the major goals that people want to achieve is financial freedom. While many people still resign to the types of jobs that they don’t want, there are some that are willing to take the risk to put together a business that could help them achieve the financial freedom that they are hoping for. This is actually a bit harder than some might think. The easiest part is coming up with the method for making money. Some people might decide to make money by promoting the products and services of another company. Whatever the approach may be, it all depends on the marketing.


A lot of people don’t have the skills or the time to market, this is where White Shark Media comes in. The professional marketers of this firm do this for a living. Therefore, they are able to come up with a great campaign that will bring in the traffic and the conversions. This will help internet marketers bring in the money. Then they will feel confident in their ability to do the marketing. After all, one of the reasons that people don’t have the time or ability to market is because they need to bring in the money somehow. If they are not making money, then they are losing money.


White Shark Media has the skills that are useful for all types of companies. After all, the internet has grown to the point that all people are going to be able to use the internet for business purposes. Nowadays, people look up information for all types of businesses whether they are online or offline. White Shark Media has the type of skills needed to make sure an ad for a business appears on the front page of the search results so that the customer will know about the company.

Getting You Up To Speed On Investment Banking

Getting You Up To Speed On Investment Banking

Investment banks and retail banks are two separate entities. While you may think to yourself, that both are banks and do similar things, the fact is that they actually perform very different things in the banking industry. Here are some of the differences.

Retail banks accept deposits from customers. You can deposit cash or a check and have a direct deposit from an employer go to your retail bank. Such banks also allow you to withdraw money from your account through checks, online transfers and cash withdrawals. A retail or commercial bank will also have bank branches with tellers to assist you with your personal banking needs.

An investment bank does not have a branch staffed with tellers. Some do not accept deposits or let you withdraw cash. So what does an investment bank do? The investment bank focuses on investing money and increasing wealth. Investment banks obtain money not through customer deposits, but through investors looking to invest their money and grow their own wealth.

So how do investment banks grow their own wealth as well as those of their investors? One way is through offering investment banking services. They include assisting companies to buy out other firms, helping to restructure corporations and acting as a mediator or middlemen when companies are bought out or sold out. The investment bank charges a fee for these services that is paid by the client companies.

Another way investment banks generate profits is through evaluation services. They determine what the stock of a company is worth. The company pays the investment bank for the valuation service. Investment banks can also act as the seller of company stock and be tasked with finding investment for a startup firm.

Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an Austrian investment banker who has his own investment banking firm. Called, Lustgarten Martin it is a specialty investment firm that targets investments in Latin America. Martin originally hails from Austria. He has resided in Venezuela and holds dual Austrian and Venezuelan citizenship.

Mr. Lustgarten resides in the United States along with his family. Working out of South Florida, Mr. Lustgarten can easily travel back and forth between Latin America and his family in Florida. Martin is fluent in Spanish, English and German. This allows him to connect with investors in the United States, Latin America and his native Austria.

The Life and Career of Josh Verne

The Life and Career of Josh Verne

Entrepreneur Josh Verne has had more than 20 years experience in growing, starting and selling business, and currently is the CEO for His favorite success quote is vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others by Johnathan Swift. In the podcast, he went over some key points that included Be a Leader Not a Boss, Everything Needs to be a Win-Win, Speak Less, Listen More, You Need to Have Balance in Your Life, and Figure Out What You Are Passionate About. With Being a Leader Not a Boss, Josh Verne said that there are two types of people who are in managment, this is Bosses and Leaders. A Boss is one who uses their title in order to accomplish their goals, they demand respect and what is in their best interest. However, A leader works on earning the respect by putting their employees ahead of themselves, and uses this respect for accomplishing the goals that they and their team have set as a group. In order to successfully accomplish what has to be done, it is important to be a leader. On Everything Needs to be a Win-Win, it is important to never follow a plan or agree to a plan where it is a win-lose situation. It is important to always strive for a win-win situation, one that is a win for the manager, for employees and for society. It is important with Speak Less, Listen More, to remember that this point is both profound and simple. There is a reason why we all have two ears and mouth, and it important to use them in this proportion. Having a Balance in Life is important since life itself is a balancing act, it is not about spending a certain amount of time focusing on every area of life, but it about making process in the areas of your life and in doing this ensuring that you can improve a little each day in wealth, health, personal growth and relationships. And the last point is figuring out what your passionate about, if success is the main, then find something that you have a passion for. While there are individuals that are passionate and unsuccessful, there are successful people that lack passion.


Josh Verne was the founder of Workpays in 2011, and now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. After he had lead the largest division for the top 100 retail, and has assumed responsibility for all of the manufacturing, Verne was appointed the president of the company in 2003. He has successfully operated and owned multi-national corporation with sales that exceeded 200 million dollars.


After Verne graduated from high school in 1995, Verne had entered the 2nd generation family furniture distribution business, where he started out at the warehouse. After he had successfully moved up in the ranks and taking positions of greater responsibility, Verne initiated a series of strategie moves. This came with placing Workpays in the forefront of the furniture distribution space. Along with Workpays, Verne is also affiliated with Global Analytics, Inc.. Ways to contact Josh Verne include by mail or phone.

Humans Are Not The Only One’s That Need Air Conditioning

Humans Are Not The Only One’s That Need Air Conditioning

When people think about air conditioning, they often look for ways to take care of themselves. However, pets are also in need of air conditioning. This is one of the reasons that Goettl Air Conditioning has tips on what a family could do in order to protect their pets from excessive heat. One thing is for certain, pets are also susceptible to issues that are heat related. This is why Goettl has released some tips on what one could do in order to keep the animals protected from the problems that could result from heat exposure.

One of the important tips that Goettl give is to keep the paws off of the pavement. For one thing, the pavement is one of the harshest surfaces in the summer. The sun heats the pavement up more than one would think. Even people have problems walking on the hot pavement in the summer. There are many ways to keep the pet from burning the paws. One of the best ways to determine whether or not it is the right time to take the dog for a walk is to place hand on the pavement for about 10 seconds.

One of the other things to do is to see about covering the paws of the pet. If one must walk the dog in the hot times of the day, then it is important to take special precautions in order to make sure that the dog is protected. However, it is probably a better idea to reserve the walks for a time in the day when it is much cooler. The extremely hot parts of the day in warmer climates such as Arizona and Las Vegas tend to be too hot for most people to handle. This is one of the reasons that it is better to take the dog out for a walk in the summer as the sun is rising.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Laidlaw & Company

Lawsuit Filed Against Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw and Company is an investment brokerage firm and a full-service banking which offers personalized investments skillful executions and advice to the public institutions and also private institutions. Recently the company and its executive have got a history of violating U.S financial regulations which result in a lot of customer’s complaints and also monetary penalties. The company issues false information to the public making them make uninformed decisions which have greater effects to their undertakings.
Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. which is a clinical developing novel therapy and treats chronic pain, filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company and its two executives, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada. Laidlaw & company previously acted as an investment banker to Relmada that is using shares and other confidential information regarding the company and which was gained from these banking services to Relmada. Laidlaw & company also launched a contest to take active control of the company.
In the lawsuit, Relmada therapeutics claims that Laidlaw and its executives, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, violated the U.S. laws and regulations for disseminating false materials and also giving misleading information in an attempt to take effective management control of Relmada. Laidlaw failed to comply with the security and exchange commission rules and regulations, Relmada’s Articles of Incorporation and Nevada law and continues to give misleading information and also soliciting proxies from Relmada stockholders under the misleading and false pretenses. The lawsuit was to act as a warning to the Relmada stockholders that Laidlaw provides a lot of false and misleading information.
The chief executive officer of Relmada in his press release said that the business was to take infection point with a high-value creation opportunity which was to take effect within a short period. This was the reason why Laidlaw had opportunistically timed the launch of the contest so as to take effective control of the company. The Chief Executive Officer believed that it was a conflict of interest for Laidlaw to use the shares and confidential information it got from Relmada for its gain and interest.