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Mike Baur’s SSUF Joins the Fusion with Geneva

Mike Baur’s SSUF Joins the Fusion with Geneva

Acceleration programs for young startups are now the rage in Switzerland, all because of Co-Founder Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory. They have now joined forces with Fusion, another Fintech accelerator program. This amazing and intricate pre-selection process along with startup acceleration, networking, and mentoring is yielding big results for those entrepreneurs that need a hand up with starting their business. Baur and his partners know what it takes to get started, and all have a background in finance which makes the process easier for those who choose to participate with their teams in the acceleration program.


Baur and his other partners are all ex-bankers, and much of their experience in recent years has been with the fintech industry. The industry is growing and it’s great news for Baur and his partners that chose to invest in this new endeavor. While collaboration, an education in legal requirements is important there is another goal at stake. These men want to use the Fusion and Swiss Startup Factory to bring the French and German parts of Switzerland back together.


Each partner has their own goals and ideas about how their acceleration programs should work, yet they have been able to come together and collaborate and share ideas for the betterment of those entrepreneurs that have chosen to be involved. Michael Hartweg, one of Mike Baur’s most renowned partners has vast experience in derivatives, so he’s a big part of the pre-selection process as well as helping to mentor the team members on financial goals and how to maintain financial health throughout the launch of their business.


Every step of the journey has been evaluated and measured by Baur and his team in order to ensure that what they have to offer these entrepreneurs is nothing less than sound advice, and that it’s helpful in getting them to where they want to be as a business. The founder of Fusion, Guillame Dubray says that “Digital transformation is everywhere”, and this is why it’s their time to shine in the fintech industry. Switzerland has struggled for far too long in the area of collaboration, and that is because there are some language barriers in these respective areas. This is another goal of the meeting of the minds for Fusion as well as for the SSUF.


Both teams are excited and have a positive outlook regarding how this could potentially change how the Swiss do business as well as how they work together across the country. Mike Baur along with his team and the team of Guillame Dubray from Fusion have decided that they are going to focus on innovative platforms and driving teamwork from start to finish to foster a spirit of collaboration in how business is done in Switzerland.


Workers in Manhattan are More Secure In Shared Office Spaces

Workers in Manhattan are More Secure In Shared Office Spaces


Among the many problems that people face in the workplace is the constant fear of losing their job. This is especially true of environments that are filled with a lot of politics and a boss that is trigger happy when it comes to firing people. This type of anxiety that comes with working at a regular workplace often leads to job burn out. Also, a lot of people have to take a leave even though they are not in the best financial position to do so. Fortunately, shared office spaces are on the rise in the industry.


There are a lot of reasons why people prefer Workville and other co-working spaces for rent throughout Manhattan. For one thing, there is a smaller chance of one losing his own source of income. One of the reasons is that a lot of people that use Workville tend to own their own businesses. Therefore, it is almost guaranteed that if they have the marketing skills, they will manage to make the money they need to support themselves. This is such a change of pace for people who are used to just barely getting by in the workplace. This is another advantage to Workville, people are willing to do more than the bare minimum for their work.


One of the reasons that people enjoy working in shared office spaces like Workville is that they are more likely to do what they believe in. They follow their vision. They are also aware of a vision that they are pursuing. As a result, they are more likely to exceed expectations. They are also likely to put in longer hours. People that work for themselves are more likely to achieve financial independence since they have more control over how much they make. Therefore, there are many people who stay focused on the task at hand so that they can out earn their previous job.

Michael Zomber the Passionate Antique Collector

Michael Zomber the Passionate Antique Collector


Zomber is one of the most passionate collectors. Antique collectibles always have some value attached to them either because of their age, uniqueness or because of how they can be utilized. Antique collectibles are combined and used in separate areas within the house to produce a desired effect. There are many sources of antique collectibles such as websites and print resources. There are pricing guides for antique collectibles, and they include Kovel’s, Miller’s, Warman’s among others.


The things people like having in their homes do not change much even through different eras. Even when they change, time will come when people will want them in their homes again. Currently, the most common antiques include the depression glass; originally a marketing tool, oil paintings; mostly made on canvas, jewelry: usually changes with style, twig furnishing; used for décor or furniture, just to mention a few.


Michael Zomber is a collector of arms and armor. This is his way of preserving history. He has been a collector for other thirty years. In America, he has been sharing his expertise. He has severally been a guest on History Channel on the Tales of the Gun Series. Concerning the Japanese samurai, he is renown because of their swords. Michael also enjoys story telling, as his Amazon novel selection would indicate.


Michael Zomber has a lot of knowledge on war and uses this as a basis for his books. He has written several novels and screenplays. He is also a supporter of organizations, which focus on peace including Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and UNICEF. Michael Zomber has a degree in English Literature and Psychology. He also holds a master’s degree English Literature that he got from UCLA.


Most of Michael Zomber’s antiques are from between the sixteenth and nineteenth century. They are mostly Islamic, American, European and Japanese arms. He then sells the antique arms he collects. While selling his antiques, he likes it when the clients understand how to use the arms and how they were used in the past. He also works with people who are passionate about antiques like he is. His wife with whom he has two daughters also collaborates with him on various projects.

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A Look At Adam Goldenberg Long Successful Stint in Business

A Look At Adam Goldenberg Long Successful Stint in Business

Adam Goldenberg is a serial entrepreneur best known as the Co-CEO of the highly successful TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly JustFab, Inc. According to, Adam along with his long time business partner, Don Dressler established JustFab in 2010. In just a few years of operation, the company’s fortunes have risen dramatically, making it one of the largest online fashion subscription entities in the world. Tech Style is the parent company of various outfits, including Fabletics, Fabkids and the recently unveiled ShoeDazzle on Outside the US, the company operates in different countries, including Canada, France, the UK, Spain and the Netherlands.

The choice of online fashion styling provided by Tech Style Fashion Group is designed to give registered members a fun and more personalized shopping experience on Youtube. For instance, members get to enjoy a handpicked selection of handbags, shoes and other essentials every month. VIP members are offered an opportunity to make purchases worth $40.00, which comes with free shipping. During its formative years, the company received funding from various partners to aid its expansion efforts. According to an excerpt published on, the firm received $33 million in 2011 from Matrix Capital Partners, a US based venture group.

In 2012, TechStyle received an additional round of funding totaling $75 million from a host of partners, including Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures and Matrix Partners. With regards to the Fabletics, the brand has already rolled out an ambitious expansion blueprint. According to a feature published in, the Activewear is planning to open up to 100 stores in the next 3 to 5 years. Fabletics has already unveiled its 7th brick store. A look back at Adam Goldenberg executive leadership and business background reveals a string of successes. Adam’s began making forays into business in 1997, when he established Gamer Alliance at the tender age of 16.

In terms of executive leadership,, reveals that Adam Goldenberg is the current President of Brentwood Cosmetics, a position he assumed in 2004. He also previously served as President of both Alena and Intermix Media, Inc in 2004. During his stint at Intermix media, Goldenberg served as the company VP of Strategic Planning from April 1999 to October 2001, before assuming the CEO position from October 2001 to January 2004. Intermix was later acquired in 2006 by global integrated media powerhouse, News Corp on in a deal estimated to be worth more than $640 million. Today, Adam is also a partner at Crosscut Ventures, a tech based venture group.